Online payment processing with the DIMOCO Virtual Terminal Solution.

Call center agents, telemarketers and service professionals will appreciate the power to handle Mail orders/Telephone orders (MoTo) in a matter of seconds.

Take orders and accept payments wherever you are. All you need is a connection to MyPayments, even from your phone.

Turn your browser into a virtual card terminal.

With the Virtual Terminal Solution, you can readily accept card payments by phone, fax or by mail. Just enter your customer’s credit or debit card information and a customer ID and click Start Transaction. That’s it!

An intelligent solution that offers everything you need in a single contact with your customers.

Turn your browser into a virtual cashier’s desk.

Only cards for MoTo? With our Virtual Terminal Solution, you can also process SEPA Direct Debits from orders by mail, fax or telephone.

Additional features to integrate the Virtual Terminal into your business operations.

Enter additional information such as customer data, shipping, and billing information during payment creation and accelerate your business processes with backend automation. Accelerating the buying process leads to more customer satisfaction and more sales for you. Virtual Terminal also supports recurring payments.


Keep always track of your Virtual Terminal payments.

Our Virtual Terminal is already embedded in your personal MyPayments portal, the back-office tool from DIMOCO Payment Services, where you can follow all transactions. From everywhere. Real-time.

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Your transactions are protected. Always.

All transactions of the Virtual Terminal are monitored by our RFO, the Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine from DIMOCO Payment Services. Learn more about its abilities.

Run your personal payment processing dashboard.

Check out what other features come with MyPayments.

The Virtual Terminal functionality is ready for use.

Simply integrate into the Payment Gateway of DIMOCO Payment Services. It’s faster you expect it.

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