Fast and secure integration with the DIMOCO Payment Gateway.

You do not have to be a payment expert! Our integration team will discuss with you from the beginning how our payment gateway best suits your individual business model and needs.


We offer a variety of integration solutions to connect with us.

  Webshop payment plugin integration

Connect fast and secure with payment plugins for your shopping cart system such as Magento, WooCommerce or Shopware. Search for the list of shopping cart systems that we already have for you.

  Checkout page solution provided by DIMOCO Payment Services

Use our pre-configured and customizable selection and payment page templates and accelerate integration.

  Mixed checkout page solution

Combine our pre-configured and customizable payment page with your individual selection page.

  Secured card details with payment.js

Accept card payments and integrate our solution to securely collect card number and CVC2 / CVV2 into your shop website without having to redirect to a separate payment form.

  Server-to-server integration

Implement your custom business solution with PCI-DSS compliance at your side and integrate with our full and pure server-to-server solution.

The communication with the payment gateway takes place via an XML interface. If your application is written in PHP, you may prefer to use the PHP client, which takes care of generating and parsing the XML documents & creating and verifying signatures.

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