DIMOCO Payment Services approved for PSD and PSD2.

DIMOCO Payment Services has been licensed by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) under the Payment Service Act. This license is only granted to companies that comply with extensive rules and obligations under the Payment Services Directive (PSD / PSD2) to enable secure, transparent and efficient payments across the entire European Economic Area.

The Austrian market is one of the toughest to obtain such a license. It demonstrates our commitment as a payment service provider to meet the high standards that ensure the quality, safety, and stability of our business operations.


What does the PSD / PSD2 license mean for you as an online merchant?

  We are regulated by the same authorities as financial institutions and banks, adhering to an extensive set of established processes and procedures.

  Benefit from a single clearing and settlement process across the payment methods, eliminating the need to manage multiple contracts, payment cycles and terms.

  You are safe at any time, our operational funds are always separated from your funds.

  Your business with us is transparent, we undergo frequent audits by the regulatory authorities.

  Our license is a seal of quality and our promise that your business is safe with us.




DIMOCO Payment Services protects your business and your revenue.

Read more about how our risk management tools take the protection of your revenue to the next level.

Leverage our knowledge to simplify the complexity of payments.

Discover the power of our secure payment gateway to help you realize your unique business model.

Reach the local audience with more payment methods.

We know the markets and industries. Trust our expertise, demonstrated by our license, on how to maximize revenue with the right combination of payment methods.




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