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Risk & fraud Optimization

High-Risk Merchants

High-Risk merchants in the payment industry are merchants which are operating websites that fall under the category (but not limited to) adult, dating, betting, prepaid/prefunding offers, high-ticket/high-volume business.
With such an offer High-Risk merchants are getting more attractive for fraudsters and might therefore experience an increased Chargeback-Activity.
An extended level of care and monitoring, to fulfill the requirements by the payment scheme owners, is reflected in higher processing fees.


General Assistance

No matter what merchant industry applies to your business, we can assist you to reduce fraud- and chargeback-rates in general.
The combination of our Know-How, the Risk-, Fraud- & Optimization-Engine on our side and the personal approach will lead to an increased payment-lifecycle and more revenue.

Risk, Fraud & Optimization

DIMOCO has the possibility to proactively monitor your transactions. The results of this monitoring will be reflected in decreased Fraud- and Chargeback-rates and in an increased revenue.
To achieve the best results it is important to combine human knowledge with DIMOCO´s automated Risk-, Fraud- & Optimization-Engine.
The DIMOCO Payment Services Team is keen to support e-Commerce merchants to focus on their core business, while DIMOCO will take care of all payment related topics.

DIMOCO can protect repectively alert you if

a customer spends more or less (on a count/amount basis) than the rest of your customers

a customer behaves in general differently from the rest of your customers (e.g. time of spending)

there is a mismatch in the customers regional information (e.g. Shipping-/Billing-Adress, IP-Country…)

a customer uses details (like E-Mail-Addresses, Phone-Numbers…) which are known for a higher risk or uses details which are known as fraudulent from a different case (Blacklist)

DIMOCO can optimize your transactions by

identifying fraudulent activity in real-time (so when it occurs, not later)

reducing false positives as you get to know your genuine customers average activity (we can analyze this for you)

making a decision upfront to processing it (reduce costs)

What can we do for your business or is there one important payment method for your business missing? Please get in touch with our Team