Stay a step ahead of fraudsters with DIMOCO Fraud and Risk Management Solutions and keep your revenue safe.

Grow your business with secure payments and protect your revenue with the RFO Engine, the highly efficient Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine from DIMOCO Payment Services. The risk engine monitors in real time every single transaction for suspicious indicators, instantly blocks fraudulent transactions and relieves you of costly and painful chargebacks right from the start. Less trouble with fraud means less hassle with chargebacks.

Powerful tools for secure payments to keep you and your customers safe.

The Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine is fully customizable for any industry and business model through its multi-level Risk Check Profile technology. By predefining your target customers and your business model, intelligent algorithms identify the activities of your customers, compare and score their patterns of behavior, and detect fraudulent activities or attacks by fraudsters.

Smart technologies such as customer fingerprinting, velocity checks, threshold aggregation, extreme rules, blacklisting and whitelisting checks are highly effective functions to monitor and score challenging scenarios, but also to tackle impending threats immediately if a particular parameter attracts attention.

Fraud and risk management performance in numbers.

  19.604 parameter mix possibilities

  Up to 30 % increased positive ratio. 30% more revenue

The RFO Engine, designed to scale, simplifies the complexity of risk. Profiles, parameters of all kinds and even new rule settings can be adjusted within seconds.

You do not need to be an expert to benefit from an expert system. We combine these powerful tools with human expertise.

Do not worry about the setup. Especially in the start-up phase, we examine together with you the individual risk and fraud exposure. Our experts know the tricks and techniques of fraudsters and can easily define your personal risk profiles that will instantly protect you with your customers’ first payments.

Turn away risk from your business with 3D Secure.

You can decide when to run 3D Secure. Always, with a certain amount, on the first transaction, or just take advantage of our risk awareness as to whether 3D Secure is recommended. We also provide direct MPI service for fewer declines and improved conversion.

One secure payment solution tailored to your business. Many models against different types of abuse!

Every business is unique but a target for multiple types of attacks. With the DIMOCO Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine, you already have the tools in your hands to create a unique fortress that allows fraudsters a hard life.

  Anti-Fake Engine

Watch as your real customer base grows and block the bad ones from the beginning.

  Customer Life Cycle Engine

Add new customers without risk.

  Promotion Protection Engine

Share codes with customers, not with fraudsters.

  Account Takeovers? No chance with RFO.

Our RFO Engine protects you from dealing with ghosts!

Watch out for additional features:

Gain more insights with the Advanced Activity Engine.

Explore what your customers are doing, when they are doing it, and how they are doing it. Turn the RFO into your personal Advanced Activity Engine to find anomalies and patterns in any data of your business.

The RFO Engine protects with every single transaction.

Our Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine covers all types of transactions and payment methods. Easily add sales-generating features such as recurring payments or one-click purchases. The RFO Engine protects you. At any time.

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