Process payments and maximize revenue. With recurring payments.

Predict cash flows, reduce late or missed payments and ensure that bills are paid on time. With DIMOCO, it’s easy to offer your customers as many subscription models as you need, no matter what industry you’re in.

Plan subscriptions to maximize sales.

Provide your customers with the best model they want to pay on a regular basis. You can request recurring payments with the initial transaction and define the period length and the period unit (days, weeks, months, years). You can pause, resume, and cancel the subscription plan, or cancel and initiate a new request for a plan with other parameters.

Let your products or services sell themselves, with trials and discounts.

Allow customers to try your products or services and give them time to make a well-thought-out decision before starting with recurring billing.

  You can charge in the beginning any trial-amount with a regular transaction and immediately begin a separate schedule request with starting date and recurring amount.

  We also support the model to register without an initial transaction. For cards, we put extra value on this service through automatic validation.


Track all subscription plans of your customers.

Just scroll through the subscription area in MyPayments and check your customers’ recurring activity at a glance. You can list various subscription plans initiated with the status of the plan (i.e., paused), the description and status of the most recent payment, or the next recurring payment in the plan.


Stay informed about failed recurring payments. Use the retry logic to regain revenue.

It can sometimes happen that payment fails. Most of the reasons are insufficient funds, card limits or expired cards. In case of an error, the scheduler will automatically stop the recurring payment and advise you to check the transaction. A recurrence button appears in the subscription area of MyPayments as well as in the transaction detail view for a manual retry.


Add offline customers to expand and grow your business.

Our scheduler also supports the manual assignment of subscriptions via Mail Order / Telephone Order within our Virtual Terminal product. Your customers do not need internet access, for example, when paying with a phone call.

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Recurring payment features are ready to use.

Create unique and secure checkouts that include recurring payments right from the beginning.

Offer one-click payments and get more revenue.

Combine recurring payments with one-click features and improve your business success with additional impulse purchases.

Beat down chargebacks with RFO

Benefit from the RFO, DIMOCO’s Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine and free yourself from costly and painful chargebacks.

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