Provide one-click payments and get more revenue from returning customers.

Easily eliminate friction in the checkout with one-click payments from DIMOCO Payment Services and let returning customers pay without having them enter card details or IBAN again. Your customers will love the fast and convenient way to buy with just a single click.

One-click payment options that enhance customer retention and boost your sales.

  Remember me

Offer your customers a “remember me” option during an initial transaction. In this case, we provide you with a reference ID to perform all following one-click sales. To increase security, we additionally vault card details on behalf of you and give you access to masked card numbers.


  Register me

We also enable the possibility to register cards or an IBAN without an initial charge. For cards, we put extra value on this service through automatic validation. Doing so, you can always be sure that the card is ready for payment processing when your customer wants to pay with just a single click.

Offer more options for one-click payments and build customer loyalty.

Let your customers choose from a variety of cards or IBAN they have registered and save time for customers without having to enter the details with each purchase.


One-click payment security for you and your customers.

You do not have to worry about handling sensitive information. Our PCI-DSS Level 1 certified payment gateway provides you with reference IDs that you can always refer to in follow-on transactions.


More convenience does not mean taking a high risk!

Especially for credit cards, you still have full control over the risk as you always have the option to ask again for CVC2 / CVV2 or 3D Secure.

One-click payments are ready to use.

Create unique and secure checkout pages that include one-click payments right from the start.

Add subscriptions and get more revenue.

The DIMOCO Payment Gateway provides you with a ready-to-go solution, already with a scheduler integrated. Offer your customers recurring payments most flexible.

Detect fraud with the highest accuracy.

Our Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine monitors every single transaction, including one-click payments. You can count on smart logic looking for suspicious and chargeback-causing anomalies.

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