MyPayments PORTAL

Optimize payment processing with MyPayments and do more business.

Transform MyPayments from DIMOCO Payment Services into your personal cockpit and immerse yourself into the payment flows with just a single entry point. Explore the performance of your business; learn more about your customers’ behavior on all payment methods and identify potential areas for improvement and action.



Process payments and get real-time information from anywhere, from any device.

No matter where you are or what device you’re using, just access the device-responsive payment portal and stay up to date with the relevant KPIs for all transactions. Get an overview in seconds with a graphic summary of the events in your sales funnel. Daily, weekly or monthly – the choice is yours!

Discover data-rich transaction details in the payment gateway, with no limits to operational growth.

Get a quick overview of predefined filters for the status of transactions, such as; successful, failed, pending or chargebacks, and then plunge into the areas of interest to learn more about the reasons of success or the failing of a transaction in the payment flow. Smart data, including risk-checking analytics, has tremendous potential for understanding customer behavior, enabling you to significantly improve conversion and the number of successful transactions.

Easily create and export your stats with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature for real-time reporting.


MyPayments. There is much more than just payment processing reports.

  Checkout page design on the fly

Create your checkout pages for a seamless customer journey and upload them via MyPayments. Or use our templates and easily customize your branding and language.

  Whitelist / Blacklist

You can instantly steer transactions of all kinds by checking parameters that you want to whitelist or blacklist during payment processing. We offer a wide range of different boxes for checks, such as IBAN, BIC, billing or shipping country, personal customer data, credit card, browser fingerprints and much more.

  Virtual Terminal. Accept payments without a webshop

Accept orders by phone and process payments in the portal with just a few clicks. Boost your sales in new target markets, especially for customers who prefer a human touch.

  Post-Processing with DIMOCO Payment Services

You have online access to all invoices and settlement files. Every settlement comes with an overview document and the associated transaction list. Clearing has never been that easy.

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Learn what your customers are doing, when they are doing it, and how they are doing it. With our Advanced Activity Engine, you can easily find anomalies and patterns in all of your company’s data.

Customized industry-specific payment solutions.

DIMOCO Payment Services supports various industries and business models. Contact us to find out how we can help you.



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