When a second counts to change the game!

Is the gaming industry a niche? On the contrary, online gaming has become an established segment that appeals to every age and consumer segment. The industry has gone through some critical phases in its past but is experiencing a new heyday, especially in the mobile sector as for e.g. gaming on smartphones and tablets or combining games with social networks. This industry has the most significant increase in transaction activity in the last two years as new business models emerge and are challenging the payment industry to adapt accordingly.

Boost your revenues with recurring payments.

Monetizing your business and delivering a great gaming experience does not have to be mutually exclusive. Provide your customers with trial periods or discounts to subscribe to your game and offer a variety of subscription plans that best suits the player’s needs.

Gaming Industry

Use instant payments to enable gamers buying better odds or more resources.

One-click features are an essential tool for in-game purchases resulting in additional transactions. In-game currencies constitute a significant source of revenue. Allow your customers to easily buy tokens or coins to battle with advantages with just one click.

Fight successful chargebacks with RFO, DIMOCO’s Risk Management Engine.

We review every single transaction and check their fraud potential. You can count on RFO’s smart logic that looks for suspicious and chargeback-causing anomalies.


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