The fast-paced and competitive gambling industry needs to balance multiple components to succeed. Gambling operators must not only comply with the requirements of the relevant regulatory aspects but also need to engage players through a gambling experience without disruptive or cumbersome flows. On top, gambling businesses, which are often considered to be a high-risk industry, must professionally manage their risk.

We know very well how much a fast, easy, secure and cost-effective payment solution means to gambling operators. Our smart payment gateway covers all the features you need.

Your transactions are protected. Always.

Get into the power of our RFO, the Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine that reduces all types of risk to a negligible level. We monitor every single transaction in real time for suspicious activities and immediately block fraudulent transactions.

Gambling Industry

Boost conversion rates with payment experts.

We constantly review the entire payment process and proactively recommend actions to increase your conversion rates.


Increase performance and success rate with DIMOCO’s multi-acquirer / provider strategy.

DIMOCO’s smart routing gives you the peace of mind that your customers can order and pay for your services anytime, anywhere. Avoid downtime or payment outages from the start.


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