Featured and secured payments for dating websites.

Online dating is a booming industry and has become a trend in today’s world. Naturally, a large number of sites are available for choice, forcing dating sites to stand out from their competition. Regardless of what users are looking for, smart and individual ways to monetize the business is essential. DIMOCO Payment Services provides the necessary payment instruments for dating websites to enable and inspire their users with exceptional features.

Be sure. We support your business model.

Whether your business model is based on membership fees, billed on a regular basis or you support freemium accounts with more payment options later. We smartly support your strategy. Combine recurring payments with one-click features and improve your business success by charging customers for add-ons, such as boosting a user’s search ranking, or by sending virtual gifts or even coupons for physical products.


Social Industry

Beat down chargebacks with the RFO Engine.

Benefit from the RFO, DIMOCO’s Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine, and reduce risk to a negligible level. We monitor every single transaction in real time for suspicious indicators and immediately block fraudulent transactions. Free yourself from costly and painful chargebacks.

Watch as your real customer base grows and block the bad ones from the beginning.

Use DIMOCO´s fingerprint technologies to tackle fake accounts. The system evaluates all browser and user data (i.e. email, IP, region) to calculate fraud scores that identify bad or fake accounts and their network.


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