Accept Bitcoin and over 50 Altcoins and Secure your Revenue with Instant Conversion to EUR or USD

Do not limit yourself to fewer opportunities and accept credit cards, alternative payment methods and additionally more than 50 cryptocurrencies. Capture the maximum number of visitors to your site and increase sales significantly.

Your Advantages accepting Bitcoin and Altcoins with DIMOCO Payment Services

   We simplify Bitcoins and Altcoins for you
You do not need a crypto-wallet or dedicated knowhow to accept more than 50 cryptocurrencies.

   Cryptocurrency volatility will never affect you
Sell your products in EUR or USD and receive your sales in EUR or USD. It is that simple!

   Irreversible Payments
Accept cryptocurrency payments worldwide without the risk of chargebacks.

   Low Fees
Benefit from a favourable 1% Bitcoin and Altcoin payment rate.

How we process Bitcoin and Altcoins for you

bitcoin payment process

Integrate fast and easy with DIMOCO Payment Services

We offer you with a single connection full access to all Payment Gateway Services including cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and 100+ alternative payment methods.

Do you want to boost your sales with cryptocurrencies or combine them with other payment methods? Get in touch with our sales and receive your personal offer!

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