Checkout Page Solutions from DIMOCO Payment Services. Smart and secure.

Provide your customers with a smooth, simple and unique checkout experience and offer a full range of payment methods, including credit cards and alternative payments. Whether you choose an out-of-the-box solution or more technical control on your part, we can create a consistent and secure PCI-DSS compliant checkout flow. We tokenize and vault confidential payment information for the security of your business and for a safe shopping experience of your customers.


Checkout page solutions ready-to-use. For a seamless customer experience without own development resources.

Facilitate integration and speed up payment acceptance with our ready-to-go checkout solutions. We can offer several options:

  Use a simplified plugin integration with your shopping cart systems such as Magento, WooCommerce or OpenCart

  Go for predefined selection and payment page templates for instant use and make it a unique show by matching your personal branding style and your language

You have already developed your own credit card checkout logic that is tailored to your business needs? No problems with it. The payments solution from DIMOCO Payment Services enables seamless and secure card payments without redirects. It has never been so easy to keep your customers on your website.

Smart checkout page logic for conversion, security, and convenience.

We put a remarkable logic behind the checkout flows to give your customers the best experience for all devices and screen sizes. Optimize conversion and reduce risk through smart payment method preselection that dynamically lists the best options on the selection page based on customer preferences, location, risk profile, and more.


Take a look at the features on the checkout solutions for your revenue growth.

Increase the conversion

  Condition-based payment mix on the DIMOCO selection page

  Support for recurring payments

  One-click payments enabled

  Dynamic language

  Device responsive

  Error code management for conversion rate optimization

  Adaptive retry logic

Enhance the security

  Risk-related payment mix

  3D Secure enabled

  Secure pages, constantly updated

Get some more insights about our solutions:

Fraud and risk management with the highest accuracy.

Regardless of which checkout page solution you choose, our Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine monitors every single transaction. You can rely on an intelligent logic that looks for suspicious and charge-back causing anomalies.

Increase conversion with more features for your customers.

Easily add sales-generating features to your checkout flow such as recurring payments or one-click purchases.


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