The online CBD market in Europe has seen a tremendous rise in the last few years. Following the steadily growing amount of customers demanding CBD and hemp products, more and more start-ups as well as established eRetailers hunt for an online presence offering such products to power their business.

Although CBD is legal under a particular regulatory framework, you as a CBD merchant might have experienced several challenges to start the business. DIMOCO Payment Services can end your difficult path of trying to source a fitting payment service provider with industry-specific payment expertise.

What we offer to CBD eMerchants

  We do understand the industry and accept CBD and hemp product eRetailers for payment processing

  We share legal knowledge about national provisions and requirements enabling you to expand CBD businesses throughout several countries within the EEA

  We do not classify CBD as a high-risk business, which means better pricing right away

  We understand what is essential in the payment area and we are keen to consult you on how to maximize revenue with the right set of national and international payment methods

All services with a single connection, to increase conversion and your revenue.

We have designed our payment gateway services specifically to increase the conversion of your customers’ payment transactions. Higher transaction conversion means higher sales and therefore more cash in your pocket.

Do you run a webshop solution like Magento, WooCommerce or Shopware to sell your CBD and hemp products? We provide you with a free payment plugin for your webshop. Become connected quickly and realize your business visions.

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