A cheaper and more secure alternative for online payments

Payment initiation is a new method of payment made possible with open banking. It lets your customers connect to their banks and authorise a payment directly from their accounts. No credit card or other payment provider is necessary – since practically everyone has a bank account, this is the most common payment method available. And since fewer parties are involved, the merchant fees are significantly lower.



While credit cards are still the standard payment method for online purchases, they might mean high costs and high risks for merchants.

Payments directly from the customers’ bank accounts are a cheaper alternative and more secure for the merchant. On top they are an alternative for customers who do not want to use credit cards.

PSD2 allows regulated third-party a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) to initiate payments directly from customers’ bank accounts.

Instead of using a separate banking app or another online payment system, customers make payments directly through the website they are currently using without needing to go looking for a credit card, or to login to another payment service. All that needs to be done is authenticate with the bank, select the account to pay from and confirm.

From a UX perspective it all happens directly in the environment where customers make the purchase.

Funds arrive directly in the merchants bank account like any other bank wire transfer. The money is usually available within minutes instead of months, and without the risk of chargebacks.


Comparison of Online Payment Methods

     Credit Cards

+ Widespread (~35%)
– Fraud risk
– Chargeback risk
– Settlement delay
– Additional 3D verification
– 30% reluctant to use online
– Rolling reserve / holdback

     E-Wallets (Paypal…)

+ Widespread with younger audiences
– Chargeback risk
– Very buyer friendly
– Settlement delay
– Have to cash out from wallet

  Open Banking PISP

+ Very common (>50%)
+ No additional registration
+ No data entry mistakes
+ Lower cost
+ Lowest fraud risk
+ Highest availability
+ No chargebacks
+ Instant settlement

Customers pay via bank account without leaving the website

A consistent user flow is the secret to higher conversions and therefore more turnover. Every additional step or external hassle increases the probability of a transaction being abandoned. Our payment initiation service integrates payments directly from the customers’ bank account – but without them having to leave the website. The user flow is in the same design and is aligned with the checkout process.

A direct payment via bank account is the most simple and secure payment method – but sending the customers to their bank to do the payment means inconvenience and the risk of data entry or other mistakes that lead to abandoned of failed transactions.

Payment initiation integrates this superior form of payment directly into the checkout process: For the customers there is hardly a difference to the familiar process of entering credit card details, while in reality they interact directly with their bank account.

First the customers select their bank. In the background our system starts to communicate directly with the respective bank and lets the customers authenticate and select the preferred account for the payment.

All transaction details have already been transferred in the background, so only one more click is necessary for the customers to finalize the payment. They remain within the websites process and can continue their customer journey without interruption.





90% of banks in DACH
80% of banks in EU
8000+ bank APIs available

Step 1: Your customer selects his bank directly on your website out of 8000 partner banks. The design is adapted to match your brand.

Step 2: All transaction details are prefilled and transferred automatically to your customers bank for the payment.

Step 3: The payment is done instantly through the customers bank account but without leaving your checkout process.


A superior payment method implemented with one SDK


     Custom Naming

As a special highlight a merchant can even name the payment method a name of one’s choice.



     Mobile Implementation

A simple SDK is provided to be integrated into the mobile app. It provides all the functionality to initiate the payment based on the purchases of the user and the payment details of the vendor. All payment steps are managed within the native app.

     Customization Options

Our payment initiation services are a whitelabel solution with extensive customization options: adapt colors, fonts, logos and even phrases according to the individual CI/CD.


     Web Implementation

Merchants are provided a widget that is added to the website like other payment methods. The design can be adapted to comply with the layout of the website. Transaction data is then handed to the widget in order to be used during the payment.


FUTURE-PROOF Payment Services




SignD combines best-of-PSD2 technologies into a seamless service with a consistent user interface.

Our design is neutral and can be adapted to your Corporate Design. Regardless of the variety of underlying components, the user flow will always be a consistent journey for your new customer.







DIMOCO Payment Services GmbH, located in Austria, is a PSD2 compliant payment institution regulated by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). As a licensed acquirer and PSP (Payment Service Provider), DIMOCO Payment Services processes credit card payments and a variety of over 100 alternative payment methods for e-commerce merchants.

We offer merchants the secure environment of a regulated payment institution, tailor-made industry-specific payment solutions, innovative risk management tools and customised revenue-generating services.








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