Advanced Activity Engine. Designed to detect anomalies and patterns.

Take protection to the next level and gain insights into your business data. The highly flexible and adaptive algorithms turn our Risk, Fraud, and Optimisation Engine into your personal Advanced Activity Engine. You already have the best-in-class tools in your hands when it comes to detecting anomalies in your customers’ behavior or in finding similarities and patterns in your data.

  Customer Life Cycle Engine. Add new customers without risk.

Use our Risk, Fraud & Optimisation Engine to define different rule sets and thresholds to balance the risk level depending on the customer’s lifecycle phase. Start with a high level of new customers and set a lower risk level for matured accounts, KYC verified accounts or VIPs.

  Anti-Fake Engine. See how your real customer base grows and block the bad ones from the beginning.

Successfully fight fake accounts with DIMOCO’s fingerprint technologies. The system evaluates device and user data (i.e. e-mail, IP, region, etc.) to calculate fraud scores that identify bad or fake accounts and their network.

  Promotion-Protection Engine. Share codes with customers, not with fraudsters.

Always be sure that your vouchers will benefit your target customers. Just use the Advanced Activity Engine to find reused or shared coupons. We can locate the source of the abused codes and eliminate the source path immediately. Spend time growing your business, not the manual search for fraud.

  Account Takeovers? No chance! The Advanced Activity Engine protects you from dealing with ghosts!

Our system can create and manage unique user profiles with fingerprints and dedicated spending patterns. By continually reviewing and comparing these patterns, you can instantly pinpoint the bad guys that impact your revenue.

  Prediction Engine. Learn more about your customers and give them the best support they deserve.

Use the Advanced Activity Engine as a forecasting engine to evaluate trends in how your customers behave over time, to investigate usage changes in their accounts, and to predict future customer behavior and customer value.

  User Activity Engine. Be aware of what your customers are focusing on.

Use the Advanced Activity Engine as the access and activity control module for all types of online portal access, including click activity and evaluation of ongoing sessions.


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