Webcams, Video on Demand, Adult Advertising and much more. There are numerous types of adult entertainment businesses in the field leading the industry to be a widely scattered but fiercely contested business area. However, one thing they all have in common is the fact that the industry is much more prone to chargebacks than other e-commerce segments. High-risk merchants challenge payment service providers with a large number of cancellations, chargebacks, fee disputes and fraud activities, but not DIMOCO Payment Services.

Beat down chargebacks with the RFO Engine.

Use DIMOCO’s Risk, Fraud and Optimisation Engine and reduce chargebacks to a negligible level, even with friendly fraud cases. We monitor every single activity in real time for suspicious, chargeback-causing anomalies and immediately block fraudulent transactions.

Lifestyle Industry

Increase performance and success rate with DIMOCO’s multi-acquirer/provider strategy.

Downtimes or failed payment transactions are still a problem for you? DIMOCO’s intelligent transaction routing gives you the confidence that your customers can order and pay your services at any time.


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