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Take care of your core business - leave your payments with us.

DIMOCO Payment Services is your partner when it comes to safe, secure and time-saving payment transactions.
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How it works

Gateway Service

This service includes the processing of payments and merchant-tailored risk management tools using only ONE Interface to open the door to variety of payment methods.

You can calmly pursue your business meanwhile we take care of all you payment related processes. We manage all transactions with the end-users via the payment providers. DIMOCO Payment Services act as “clearing house”, Payment Facilitator and/or Merchant Service Provider for mostly all payment methods.

Payment Services Key Features

Payment Services Features
Boost Conversion Rates
DIMOCO monitores the whole payment process and recommends actions – a great chance to increase your conversion rates.
Payment Services Features
Tailored Risk Management
DIMOCO activly reviews your transactions internally and endorses alternativce solutions – your opportunity to decrease chargebacks and fraudulent activites.
Payment Services Features
Self Service Reporting
DIMOCO provides an online reporting tool, to review your transactions and statistics – information always at your fingertips.
Payment Services Features
Safe and Secure
DIMOCO is able to process card transactions with 3-DSecure, in combination with a high availability PCI DSS level 1 certified platform – this will keep your business safe!

Payment services benefits

Active support for better conversion rates

Consulting to fight fraud and chargebacks

Layout and design fully adaptable

Device responsive checkout pages

Smart routing


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The European Summit
Prague, Czech Republic 14 - 17 September 2017
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Our Team

Our team is made up of very dynamic individuals with high knowledge and experience within the industry.

Dimoco Team
Boris Kersten
Managing Director
DIMOCO Payment Services
Dimoco Team
Thomas Salomon
Senior Sales Manager
DIMOCO Payment Services

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