We provide our customers with the services they want, through the channel they trust. Whether its bank account balance notifications, marketing messages from their favorite stores, medical appointment reminders, or managing travel details, the possibilities which business messages provide enables endless opportunities to power mobile engagement and connect with your audience.


Security is of utmost importance in the finance industry as data breaches cause massive damage to confidence and loyalty. The majority of the banks are offering online banking which enables customers a convenient way to process their transaction.

Why Two-Factor Authentication is the solution to improve security?

As the name implies, 2FA combines two modes of authentication, the personal password, and the authentication code. The delivered code serves as something you have (e.g. a pin is delivered via text message) and serves as an addition to something you know (like your login password). Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) fosters security and lessens fraud, as it verifies all users and secures all transactions. Offering Two-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security and give more assurance to customers by preventing hackers from entering your account

The following scopes of the banking industry are benefiting from SMS messages to customers:

  Account Payment Transaction

Notification about processed Inbound/Outbound Transaction sent to the customer as SMS.

  Card Transaction Notification (Point of Sale, ATM, eCommerce)

Notification about instant purchases / processed card transaction sent to the customer as SMS.

  Event Campaign /Individual Offers

Inform your customers about the latest events and news about your company.

  Debt Collection

Polite reminders about open payments that have not been transferred/ paid by the customer.

  Processes Notification

Process Notifications about eg. Loan application approval.

  Complaints and feedback

The possibility for customers to send their feedback or complaints direct through SMS is an effective and efficient way for banks to improve services in order to keep the customer satisfied.

Parcel and Delivery

Traditional parcel delivery has changed greatly in recent years. The evolution of the internet and the resulting boom of the e-commerce industry are one of the key drivers for this.


Mobile Messaging is an effective communication tool for keeping customers up to date and informed about the status of their order.

  Delivery reminder/order confirmation/ cancelation of the delivery/ Unsuccessful delivery notification

Send a reminder to your customer, that the package will arrive on a specific day and time. In case the customer wants to reschedule the delivery, they can simply reply to the SMS.

  Parcel Dispatch

Let your customer know when their long-awaited order is on its way.

  Package Returns

Inform your customer, whenever the package they have send back has arrived.

  Notifications for customer support

Send SMS to notify your customer, that an agent is available for them. This will save time, as the customer doesn’t need to wait until their call will be answered.


Customers today are comfortable making holiday bookings on their phone. This is due to the fact that it´s easy to store information relating to tickets for their upcoming trip on their mobile device. With that in mind, the travel and hospitality industry are eager to reach travellers directly via messages.

Why are SMS beneficial for travelers?

  Confirmation and Reminders

Directly send confirmations of any kind of bookings, guest’s reservations, tickets or reminders.

  Special Deals

Promote special deals such as last-minute flights, reduced prices for sightseeing tours, or a flash sale on specific rooms in your hotel!

  Information and Announcements

Inform your customers about last minute travel updates and time-sensitive changes such as overbookings, delays, gate changes, cancellations and flight number changes.


Engage with your current and potential new customers and convert them into loyal customers, by delivering tailor-made messages in every situation. Marketing SMS messages will help you to grab their attention.



Send customers receipts directly to their mobile device, and include a call to action such as coupon or discounts on the next purchase.

  Customer Support

Allow your customers to communicate with you. Differentiate from your competitors and give customers the chance to ask simple questions via direct messages.

  Marketing Messages

Make sure that your customers don’t miss out! Notify them if their desired item is available again, or prevent abandoned shopping carts by reminding them to get the must-haves of the season.

  Loyalty Programs

Send coupon codes to your loyal customers, which they can enjoy and redeem for their next purchase in-store or online. Loyal customers also like to be informed about new product launches and the upcoming sale!

  New Store Openings

Opening a new flagship store or a new branch? Keep your customers engaged by inviting them to your store openings.

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