DIMOCO Messaging enables businesses to communicate with billions of people around the globe. We provide a wide variety of products such as SMS, NUMBERS, VIBER, CAMPAIGN MANAGER and RCS.


SMS still remains the most pervasive channel for global communication and is a cost-effective and direct way to reach your customers no matter where they are located.

SMS is one of the key drivers in B2C communication with its outstanding diversity in usage. A smart, well-timed SMS has the ability to add tangible value for customers when they need it most by providing them with information, alerts, and notifications.


  98% of text is read (compared with 20% of emails).

  90% of texts are opened within three minutes.

  Tried & Trusted: SMS has been around for 25 years.

  The average response time of an SMS is 90 seconds.

Power your customer interactions using SMS

  DIMOCO’s API allows for the fastest global message delivery.

  Send SMS Messages to any location in the world without restriction.

  Get real-time data on your SMS sends by using our powerful reporting tools.

  Fully controlled end-to-end message delivery.


SMS Key Features

1. Alphanumeric Sender ID

Feature company brand when sending messages to your customers.

2. Concatenated Messages

Send text messages with more than 160 characters.

3. Unicode

Send A2P messages in any language you like.

4. Delivery Receipts

Track SMS messaging to receive rich status code delivery time receipts.

5. Local Timestamp

Display time zone according to the customer´s local time.

6. Mobile Number Portability Support

Reach your customers wherever they are.


Our carrier grade platform ensures fast, accurate delivery no matter where you want to send messages.

High SMS volume capability

  99% availability per annum.

  1500 SMS/sec throughput.

  High-end data center infrastructure.

  Geo-redundancy in Vienna & Frankfurt, with load-balancing and real-time synchronicity.

  Automated routing engine.

  Real-time monitoring.

Enhanced Platform Connectivity

Be confident that your business messages will reach your customers instantly.

Our platform supports a wide range of industry-standard protocols and SMS APIs:

  SMPP 3.3, 3.4.

  SOAP Web Services (over HTTPS).

  REST (over HTTPS).


  MT&MO DLR processing is managed fully asynchronously.



Create meaningful 2-way interactions with your customers. Our numbers let you boost mobile engagement with people worldwide. We offer an extensive range of Long Numbers and Short Codes for 2-way communication.

Long Numbers

  Global Access

Reach our virtual numbers from anywhere in the world.

  Local Market

Use numbers in the same market as your customers; increase the potential for interaction.

  Cost Effective

Fast and cost-effective provisioning process.

Short Codes

  Easy to remember

Five or six-digit codes to send and receive SMS messages.


Choose between shared or dedicated short codes.



Viber has a wide and diverse global reach, with over 1 billion active users. It offers a secure and creative way for companies to engage with their audience using emoji’s, buttons, and special symbols for a richer communication experience.


Key Features

  Brand Service ID

Use your company logo, to enhance your corporate identity.

  Service ID in any language

Special characters in any languages, the sender ID may contain up to 30 characters.

 Extended Messages

Message text may contain up to 1000 characters.

  Rich Content

Special symbols, emojis, line breaks and any kind of language can be used for the desired message.

  Defined Statuses

Delivered & seen by a user status supported on Viber.

Viber Facts

  One of the top 10 most popular apps.

  Half a billion play store downloads.

  7 million interactions every minute.

  Customers launch Viber on average 12 times a day.

  Secure and trusted connection: End to end encryption on all messages.

  Used in 193 countries.



The DIMOCO Messaging Campaign Manager enables our clients to easily create SMS marketing campaigns for their desired target audience by using one single tool. Engage with your customers by sending alerts, appointment reminders, birthday SMS, latest promotions and deals. Our Campaign Manager is a fully automated web-based SMS tool, which is suitable for every industry.

Campaign Manager Key Features

1. SMS via Browser

Simply send SMS from the browser, from any device.

2. Live Statistics

Track your campaigns with real-time reporting and statistics.

3. Campaign Schedule

Engage with your customer in the right time! Schedule and plan your campaigns in advance, by selecting day, week, month, agenda and timeline.

4. Simple data import & export

Import or export all the data you need.

5. Manage Opt-outs

Campaign Manager opt-out manager ensures that recipients who reply STOP are automatically unsubscribed from receiving text messages from your business.

6. Virtual numbers & Sender ID

A dedicated virtual number or registered Sender ID allows you to send messages from a number or brand name that is exclusive to your business.


RCS (Rich Communication Services)

RCS encompasses both the value of SMS and the functionality of other messaging apps.
As the name Rich Communication Services indicates, it offers a more attractive and engaging rich experience for end-customers.
The goal of RCS is to upgrade the messaging experience for the end-customer. RCS is native to the majority of mobile devices and as a result, does not require the user to download any additional applications in order to use it.


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