DIMOCO Messaging provides multifunctional reliable A2P SMS solutions on carrier-grade level for global Aggregators, CPaaS Providers, Software Companies and Mobile Network Operators. Our DIMOCO Messaging HUB processes high volumes of transactional & promotional A2P traffic all over the world.


DIRECT Connectivity

DIMOCO Messaging stands for direct connections to Mobile Network Operators. With over 18 years of industry experience, we have established our own global network of direct carrier connections. DIMOCO’s direct coverage are rapidly growing, as we offer our high-class A2P connections through our API. As an associate member of GSMA and MEF Messaging Program, it is of utmost importance for us to foster A2P industry standards together with Mobile Network Operators.


Global HQ Connectivity

DIMOCO’s Global product ensures high quality delivery while maximizing reach. Our international procurement team is actively selecting new local gateways that contribute to our Global HQ solution. When servicing an international market, we adhere strictly to all requirements and in country regulations. As an industry veteran, we gained in-depth knowledge on every type of A2P traffic and therefore know all essential details about sender features and sender registration processes.


Customized Connectivity Solutions

Help protect your customers against fraudulent logins by using One Time Passwords. We offer fast, reliable and scalable OTP SMS solutions so your customers can remain in control of their accounts even when they do not have access to the internet. Custom routing ensures that high volumes can pass through our platform without interruption while maintaining the highest possible conversion rates. DIMOCO has vast experience working with OTT’s. We recognized the need to create a product tailored to their specific messaging requirements in terms of connectivity and routing.


We enable Long- and Shortcodes for 2-way communication and guarantee very fast provisioning in combination with an attractive price. Our number management provides Long- and Shortcode provisioning in our key territories. We source our number inventory directly from the Mobile Network Operators. DIMOCO Messaging offers consulting on country specific regulatory requirements in (France, US etc.).

Long Numbers

  Global Access

Reach our virtual numbers from anywhere in the world

  Fast Provisioning

Full provisioning process within a couple of days, many numbers on stock

  Cost Effective

Low-priced and effective

Short Codes

  Easy to remember

3-5 digit codes to send and receive SMS messages


Choose between shared or dedicated short codes

  Regulatory Fulfilment

Number consulting to bring live your A2P service legally allowed

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