Business Messaging Solutions

Talk to your customers on the channel they love to use, SMS.

More and more businesses are turning to SMS in order to engage with their customers, improving levels of service and satisfaction. Our GDPR compliant SMS solutions allows you to send SMS around the world and helps your business succeed.

People prefer SMS

Each demographic is familiar with SMS and it is increasingly becoming an expectation that businesses use SMS to communicate with their customers.
By using SMS, enterprise can reach their customers in a private and direct way without imposing on their time.



Business messaging is growing, Juniper predict 3.5 trillion SMS will be sent in 2023*

    98% of all messages are read within 3 minutes.

    90% of people prefer to receive text than calls

    5 billion people use SMS

*Source: Juniper Research

  Quick and Simple Integration

You can easily send SMS via our online campaign tool or you can automate your SMS sending by integrating our easy to use API into your systems no matter what programing language you use. Start sending SMS to your customers within a matter of hours and harness its effectiveness for your customer communication strategy. Reach everyone, anywhere no matter where your customers are in the world.

  Quality you can trust

Direct connections to 200+ mobile network operators globally ensure that your messages will deliver as expected always. We terminate SMS using our dedicated operator connections so you can be sure messages will deliver in the shortest time possible. Real time delivery receipts show you exactly what delivers, and error codes helps you to assess what failed and why. Get the insights you need with real time reporting and dashboard analytics.

Drive better business results:

Sending SMS can drastically increase sales, improve customer communication and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Send last minute notifications, alerts & appointment reminders when people need them the most.

Drive sales and conversion through personalized SMS campaigns.

On average, most SMS are read within 5 minutes of receipt, making it the most direct and effective communication channel around.

Start engaging with your customers now.
Capitalize on high open and engagement rates and learn why enterprises are taking advantage of SMS as a communication medium.



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