A2P SMS is a tremendously important channel for enterprise businesses, as it fosters a higher engagement with their customers. Driven by the demand for this efficient communication tool, according to Mobilesquared an expected $ 30.54 billion revenue will be generated in 2022 on legitimate white routes. This empowers our commitment to leverage our relationships with mobile operators and in-country partners to deliver direct connectivity to our enterprise and wholesale clients.

Take advantage of the A2P opportunity

 A2P SMS is driving your wholesale revenue

 Direct relationship with DIMOCO ensures that grey and fake routes are not used and all messages are routed correctly via monetized channels.

As a founding member of the Future of Messaging Programme DIMOCO is a committed supporter to tackle SMS fraud. We engage the principles of the A2P SMS Code of Conduct and want to underline and engage trust in enterprise messaging


As a local hero on a global scale, we have developed into a significant market player with a firm foothold in this very competitive market.


DIMOCO has been recognized repeatedly as a global Tier 2 Messaging Provider in the ROCCO A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2018 and ROCCO A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2019.

What our partners highly appreciate about DIMOCO Messaging:


“The main advantage of DIMOCO is that they are having a reliable A2P system which can be provided globally.”

“Impressive performance.”

“They are a big company with a feeling of being local and around the corner, when we work with them we always find a way to solve every situation because they really understand what it is we need.”

(Source: A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2018)

“Really good routes, especially for Austria.”

“Reliable and innovative.”

“They managed to always try to get the right balance between quality and price. Open to explore new business models in order to help increasing partnerships.”

(Source: A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2019)



DIMOCO Messaging is an Associated Member of the GSMA, holds an MVNO license and operates a carrier-grade messaging platform with highest quality industry standards.

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