DIMOCO takes data protection very seriously and as such, We will process Your personal data with utmost care and confidentiality in accordance with this Personal Data Policy (the “Policy”) for the DIMOCO 20th Anniversary (the “Event”). This Policy provides You with the information about essential aspects of data processing at DIMOCO.

1. General Information

The Event is organised and promoted by DIMOCO Europe GmbH, a company incorporated under 199901 y of the company register of the Regional Court of Wiener Neustadt, Austria, having its registered offices at Campus 21, Europaring F15/302, A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge, Austria. As such, DIMOCO Europe GmbH is to be seen as being the controller of any personal data collected in relation to the organisation and promotion of the Event.

For the purposes of this Policy:

 any reference to “You” or “Your” shall mean a person, who accepted the invitation to the Event received from DIMOCO.

 any reference to “DIMOCO”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” shall mean the entities of the DIMOCO group of companies, in particular, but not limited to:

  DIMOCO Europe GmbH

  DIMOCO Messaging AG

  DIMOCO Payment Services GmbH

  DIMOCO Research Center GmbH

                  One Bip S.r.l.

   TAF mobile GmbH

2. What Data Will Be Processed?

Upon accepting the invitation by You, We will store and process the relevant personal data such as:

 first and last name,

        name of the company You are representing/working at.

postal address,

        e-mail address,

Please be advised, that photographs will be taken during the Event, which may result with Your image being captured and also processed in accordance with this Policy.

3. What is the Purpose of the Data Processing?

We may process Your personal data for the purpose of organising the Event as well as for documentary and marketing purposes related to the Event (the “Purpose”).

4. How the Data Will Be Processed?

Your personal data will be kept confidential (unless expressly stated otherwise in this Policy – see below for publishing of the photographs) and shall be processed with due care, appropriately and in a way adequate and relevant to the Purpose expressly stated in this Policy. The data will be processed in compliance with applicable laws, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU as well as with the relevant provisions of the Austrian national law. The confidentiality and security of Your data is secured by appropriate technological and organizational means.

Photographs taken during the Event may be published on DIMOCO’s social media channels. By accepting this Policy, You also give us Your consent for posting such photographs from the Event, which may contain Your image.

5. Who Has Access to Your Data?

Please be advised that to the extent necessary for the realisation of the Purpose Your personal data may be shared with Our third party partners (e.g. event agency, printing-house, external photographer etc.).

Access to the data provided by You will only be granted to authorized personnel of DIMOCO or its third party partners (as stipulated above) responsible for the realisation of the relevant Purpose.

Except from the cases specifically stated in this Policy, no personal data which is processed for any of the Purposes will be made available or transmitted to any other third party without Your express permission.

6. How Long Your Data Will Be Processed?

We will process Your personal data listed in Section 2 as long as this is necessary for the realisation of the Purpose, however not longer than 1 month following the Event. Please be advised, however, that the photographs taken during the Event – which may contain Your image – may be published on DIMOCO’s social media channels for as long as they serve their documentary and marketing purposes.

7. Your Permission and Rights

The processing of Your data is based on Your voluntary consent given expressly by accepting this Policy prior to accepting the invitation to the Event. We are not permitted to and shall not process any of Your personal data without a valid legal basis.

You should know that You have the following rights with respect to Your personal data that we are processing in accordance with this Policy:

You have the right to limit or withdraw the consent You gave Us to process Your data and/or request the deletion thereof. In any case, We will follow your request accordingly, unless we are under a legal obligation to act otherwise.

You have the right to request Us to inform You about the personal data We have stored about You.

You have the right to request Us to amend any incorrect data that We have stored about You.

You have the right to data portability, which means that upon request, We will transfer Your data to a third party that You nominate.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Austrian Data Protection Authority (Datenschutzbehörde) in the event that You are of the opinion that a breach of data security has occurred.

 You can exercise the aforementioned rights at any time.

 If You have any questions about Our data security please do not hesitate to contact Us:

DIMOCO Europe GmbH


Telephone: +43 1 33 66 888 – 0


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