Direct Carrier Billing is a perfect alternative payment option that converts!

Ecommerce overview

According to the European Ecommerce Report (2018), the overall B2C ecommerce turnover across the European region grew up to €602 billion in 2018 in comparison with €534 billion in 2017 and €480 billion in 2016. This fact shows the continuous steadily growth of the ecommerce year by year.

B2C Ecommerce (in billion €)

Ecommerce by region (Europe)

Source: European Ecommerce Report 2019

In search of faster and easier ways of converting just a website visitor into a buyer and boosting their revenues online merchants address their needs towards the payment platforms, needs for the quick and simple checkout flow. Therefore, more and more payment platforms offer different alternative payment methods that supplement traditions debit and credit cards.

  According to Worldpay’s Global Payments Report, more than half of all online transactions will be made using alternative payment methods by 2021.

Operator Billing or Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is a remote payment method allowing users to pay for online goods, products, support, services, and content with their mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, and Smart TVs). The pure telco payment method allows end users to use the ‘pay by mobile’ payment option and directly charge the amount to their monthly bill.

Along with the annual ecommerce growth Direct Carrier Billing usage becoming more and more popular as a monetizing tool on the digital content market.


Digital content annual spend (%) split by billing mechanism 2017-2022 

Source: Statista Digital Marketing Outlook (revenue in million U.S.$)

  Direct Carrier Billing, a familiar and irreplaceable part of today’s mobile payment landscape, already holding a firm foothold in many online industries and meanwhile ranks as the top number three payment option at Facebook.


Industry segments billed to DCB (in million US$)

Source: Juniper Research

Do you want to know how exactly Direct Carrier Billing works?

Click here for more detailed information on our solution, an alternative payment method that literally everybody holds in hand. If you have already familiarized yourself with Direct Carrier Billing, then scroll down to learn what DCB can bring to your business.

How can Direct Carrier Billing help you and your clients?

If you’re a payment platform…

  Direct Carrier Billing is an ideal alternative and additional payment option for digital products and services, promising your merchants to even cover un- and underbanked users who don’t have access to and to boost the conversion rates due to the fast and easy payment flow.

  DIMOCO is a licensed payment institute. We hold a payment service license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) passported to all EU member states that makes us a trusted business partner.

  Our DIMOCO Carrier Billing solution will bring additional revenue to your merchants’ operations without cannibalizing other payment methods, but will instead inspire impulse purchases and increasing the revenues by 10-15%.

If you’re a Direct Carrier Billing provider…

  Our broad coverage will help you to expand your business and offer your merchants an even broader landscape for the further development.

  Covering over 90% of Europe, we are atrusted business partner of many Mobile Operators in the region.

  With over 20 years of experience, DIMOCO developed and is proud to obtain the most direct connections with Mobile Operators in the European market.

For more facts scroll down and find out why Direct Carrier Billing is a great supplement to other payment methods!


Additional important facts about DIMOCO:

  DIMOCO holds a unique position in the industry as one of the first companies to become a regulated payment institute.

  As a result of ROCCO’s independent research DIMOCO was named as Tier 1 and one of three highest rated vendors in the market.

  DIMOCO works with clients from different business industries, including, Gaming, Dating, Online Entertainment, ePublishing, Ticketing, Video & Music Streaming, Vendingand others.

  DCB enables merchants to offer an additional billing option across a range of connected devices.


Why is Direct Carrier Billing a great supplement to other payment methods?

Along with bringing the broader variety of payment options to the consumer Direct Carrier Billing has plenty of other advantages. Here are just some of them:

Fast and easy payment flow without any registration or sharing personal information.

A survey that revealed consumer attitudes towards banks and bank transfers showed that many Europeans (68% of Spaniards, 66% of Italians, 61% of French, 55% of Germans, 55% of Dutch, 51% of Swedes) agree that they would be more likely to shop from the international websites if they didn’t have to give out credit and debit card numbers to unknown foreign merchants.

So, would you like to cover these potential consumers by simply adding one more payment option to your payment platform?

 Monetizing younger demographics.

Digital natives – that generation raised on technology – feast on more online content today than ever before. This key demographic is no longer tied to traditional media, such as TV and PCs to entertain themselves, and, as a result, these young consumers don’t organize their lives around those devices. Instead, this is a generation that seeks to embrace solutions that manage as many day-to-day activities as possible on the go.

70% of the European population between 16 and 24 years are buying online regularly. The ones below 18 years old are 100% unbanked, however, the same time 88% of those have the mobile phone.

 Inspiring impulse purchase.

Direct Carrier Billing – convenient, available anytime and anywhere payment option is a measurement to improve the customer journey that can only be seen as more than just important, it is a vital key to a successful business model.

Studies have shown that DCB scores 70% convert for first transactions, compared with credit cards struggling at 10 – 12%.

“The mission of the payment platforms is to support their merchants in offering the perfect payment options mix for their customers. And I’m convinced that DIMOCO Carrier Billing payment method has to be presented among the payment options range of the digital services providers because it has all necessary characteristics of the modern high tech world, but in the same time it’s easy and convenient in usage.”   

Janko Jankovic
Sales Account Manager

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