Increase your product sales with Direct Carrier Billing!

Enable your customers to pay for your public and semi-public vending machine products with the probably most innovative, convenient, secure and personal data protective payment method for mobile phones – Direct Carrier Billing!

Why Direct Carrier Billing?

As our cashless society evolves, more and more people do not rely on a couple of coins in their pocket to get them through their daily needs. Besides that and according to World Bank Data, the willingness to use Credit Cards in the EU and the availability of them worldwide is not very high.

  More than 80 countries have an unbanked percentage in excess of 50%

  65% of individuals in the UK, US or Switzerland owned a credit card in 2017

  Germany only scored a credit card penetration of 53%

  Austria counts for 47% of credit card owners

What if there is a payment method with 100% reach ideal for micropayments on the go? What if users could pay via their mobile phone by a simple one-click payment?

What is Direct Carrier Billing?

Carrier billing (Direct Carrier Billing – DCB) is a mobile payment method that charges purchases directly to the purchaser’s mobile telecom account. The cost of purchase is either added to the monthly bill or deducted from the prepaid credit.

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How can I use Direct Carrier Billing on Vending Machines?


What is the benefit of Direct Carrier Billing in Vending?

Today more and more young people prefer to buy via their mobile phone, their daily companion, instead of using coins (if they have generally) on vending machines. They expect an easy to use, secure and trustful payment method. Beside that vending operators worry about vandalism and the involving loss of revenues when vending machines are not working (e.g. coin jam, manipulation of coin insert).

Advantages for the Consumer

No registration necessary = pay immediately

Easy to use and convenient

Fast: 1-click payment process

Everybody with a pre-paid card or mobile phone contract can use DCB

No age restriction (applicable to credit cards)

Optional usage of voucher and loyalty programs

No transmission of personal user data

 Secure payment method

Advantages for the Vending Operator

Up to 25% more revenue through an alternative payment method

No additional hardware needed (adapt to existing telemetry system)

Integration of DCB into your mobile app

Access to all users (overall only 50% of adults have a credit card)

Costs less versus credit cards

 Payment method immediately available

Strong and regulated partner with existing contracts to MNOs

Opportunity to adopt loyalty programs into mobile app

How will DIMOCO help increase your sales?

Almost everybody is on the go with a mobile in the pocket

The payment is fast and easy: shorter checkout flows are ideal for purchases on the go

Reluctance to input credit card details in public is no longer a purchase stopper

Easy acceptance of young consumers – digital natives have almost constant access to their mobiles devices

Extended marketing opportunities:

Direct connection between brand and end-consumer

Direct communication with end customers for e.g. offers and events

Collection and interpretation of user behavior

Mobile Payment on Vending Machines – Proof of concept 

In 2018, DIMOCO announced the acquisition of Smarcom AG, setting course for European market entry for physical goods.

In 2000, Smarcom AG introduced the first mobile payment system smarpay with all Swiss MNO’s and integrated the SMS-based “smarpay” to 2,200 Selecta vending machines in Switzerland in the following year. In the last decade the payment solution has evolved, namely with the introduction of Twint, an app-payment based on existing “smarpay” system and the addition of credit card payment as MobileCharge solution.

Today the DIMOCO Vending offers payment solutions for 3,500 Selecta vending machines in Switzerland, SMS, Twint and Selecta App, fully integrated in Televend Telemetry solution, in addition to Mikrolab V-Core impl.

DIMOCO on the other hand, is a European-wide regulated payment institute for DCB and holds a payment service license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), passported to all 28 EU member states.
As a trusted partner of mobile network operators, it enables over 1.5 billion subscribers to purchase goods and services from merchants and aggregators with their mobile devices, charged via the operators’ billing system.

The acquisition and thereupon merge of both company’s assets, the expertise of the Swiss market leader and DIMOCO, a leading DCB provider for direct MNO connections in Europe, sets an essential foundation to address the European-wide vending operator market with a well-rounded offer to connect their vending machines to the payment method Direct Carrier Billing.

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  Customers can pay cashless at the vending machine with only one click via SMS-Pay


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Clemens Leitner

Clemens Leitner
Executive Vice President,
Carrier & Business Development

DIMOCO Carrier Billing

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