Direct Carrier Billing: one connection to directly reach your costumers

Operator Billing or Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is a remote payment method allowing users to pay for online goods, products, support, services and content with their mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets and Smart TVs). The pure telco payment method allows people to use the ‘pay by mobile’ payment option and directly charge the amount to their monthly bill.




Can mobile payments get any easier? We would say no.

After all, what can be easier than a 1-click payment on a device that is already in your pocket?

The user is merely required to enter their phone number to make a payment.

DCB Purchase Process Advantages:

  Easy to use

  Two-factor authentication


  Remote “on the go” purchases

  Available anytime / anywhere




Direct Carrier Billing requires the user only to enter their phone number to make a payment. In contrast, card-based payments require the user to share their name, card number, home address etc. Due to a shorter checkout flow, merchants using both payment methods report up to 10x better conversion rates with Direct Carrier Billing than with credit cards.

How does DCB Work?

1.   The user decides to buy a product, for example, a game or an ebook, provided by an online merchant. One of the payment methods available will be DCB operated by DIMOCO.

2.   The user chooses to pay through DCB and selects the payment method. The payment order is transmitted by DIMOCO to the relevant MNO, with whom the user has his/her mobile phone number and SIM card registered (pre-paid or post-paid).

3.   The mobile network operator verifies the user in the database and (if applicable) accepts payment. The payment amount is then added to the monthly mobile phone bill issued by the carrier to this user (prepaid) or deducted from the credit (post paid).

4.  The mobile network operator confirms to DIMOCO that the user has the funds to pay for merchant’s.

 No personal user data is transferred to DIMOCO
 DIMOCO at no point holds any contractual relationship with the user

5.  The total amount of transactions made by users of a given mobile network operator within a specified period of time is transferred by the mobile network operator in question to the merchant.

How does the process work?

John Smith, a consumer, concludes a post-paid contract with a mobile network operator. He purchases a product from a service provider, a chargeable eBook, for €5.99.

Payment for Mr Smith’s online order is then transmitted via DIMOCO’s technical connection to mobile network operator, which also transmits the service to the Mr. Smith’s connection (and his end device).

The following month, Mr Smith’s monthly mobile phone bill includes the sum of €5.99 in addition to his contractual billing amount.
In the case of a pre-paid contract, enough credit must be available to cover the service. In this case, at least €6.00 must be available; otherwise, it will not be possible to purchase this service.

Advantages of the DCB payment method:

  Quick and easy payment process

  Effective data privacy

  No registration required

  No sensitive details are shared (such as card number or account details)

  Everybody has a mobile phone. A potential payment method.
In Germany, for example, only 52% of all adults have a credit card – yet the rate of mobile phone ownership is 125%.


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