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If content is king – then consider Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) your queen

Is developing deeper customer relationships at the core of your OTT video or music subscription business model? If the answer is YES then Welcome, Bienvenido or Willkommen to DIMOCO!

Why do studios and content providers invest so much in production, marketing and customer acquisitions but payment solutions are overlooked?

In an ever-changing media landscape, one strategy is outpacing the rest – a shift to digitally enabled, multiscreen OTT video subscriptions.
This shift to digital OTT video subscriptions is not easy for all media businesses to optimize.

How content providers price, sell, bill, collect payments and account for digital subscription services requires forethought planning and partnering with the right payment systems.

Often internal stakeholders in Marketing, Operations, Finance, IT or General Management are not prepared for this shift, therefore, today more than ever before content providers must be prepared and aligned to support this transformation. Fortunately leading OTT players such as Netflix, Spotify and Sony have all embraced DCB and integrated it into their payment offerings.

We live in an age of digital wonder. OTT and SVOD platforms, music streaming apps and subscription-based digital content transforms the way we consume content, but are we prepared for what that means for the future of payments, fraud detection, and the ultimate customer journey?

Payment at your fingertips

Add DCB payments today

Subscriptions are today’s business imperative – but the question is which payment method maintains a low churn rate and reaches new loyal audiences.

The answer is Direct Carrier Billing. The payment alternative that caters to OTT video and music platforms on-demand audiences and payment preferences.

The third most popular payment method for digital content in Europe after credit cards and digital wallets. Direct Carrier Billing has a market share of 13.6% in Western Europe (with bank cards at 27.5% and digital wallets at 26.9%) for digital content payments, according to SuperData Research.

So if you don’t have DCB payments, how many subscribers are you missing out on?

Discover new audiences with just one payment solution

Simple, secure and tailored for subscriptions

Direct Carrier Billing is a mobile payment service that allows users to purchase digital content and charge it to their mobile phone bill.  The mobile payment option works with one-off, subscription, and in-app payments and is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Find more about how Direct Carrier Billing works.

Access new markets and grow your subscriptions in ways you’d never expect

  Access new audiences who do not have credit/debit cards;

  Flexible pricing and billing frequencies;

  DCB offers one-off subscription and in-app payments;

  Faster checkouts with 1-click payment experiences;

  End-to-end secure and seamless payments;

  Single integration and exclusive access to our directory of mobile operators, reducing time and effort to market;


Experience the benefits of DCB with DIMOCO



  Integrate into any app or payment platform;

  Provide payment services that prevent fraud;

  Get the best conversion rate on your next customer subscription;


Direct Carrier Billing fact

  It’s 6x more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. DIMOCO Carrier Billingtogether with DIMOCO Messaging allows content providers to reduce customer churn via integrated and tailored customer billing solutions and communication via pre-authorized charging, predictive upselling and counter-offers just to name a few.

Keep score of your audience

Via DCB you can access under-banked markets and drive overall subscription growth, outcomes not possible with just credit cards and bank transfers. Customers don’t need to create or log into any accounts, nor do they need to share personal information online. Payments are completed in a few clicks and only the customer’s phone number is processed.


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Bettina Sommer
Director, Sales

DIMOCO Carrier Billing


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