DIMOCO Carrier Billing will help your users find their perfect match with the most frictionless payment method available

Revenues from digital content billed via Direct Carrier Billing in Europe will increase strongly over the next five years from just under €3.5 billion in 2016 to more than €11.5 billion in 2021, an average annual increase over the forecast period of 232.5%.

Source: Juniper Research

Online dating is expected to outperform previous expectations and the average growth rate by achieving with a growth of 247.8%.

When deciding which array of payment methods to implement on your dating portal you need to consider at least the following facts:

Online dating has proved to be a high-risk vertical due to the increased level of chargebacks.

The checkout process with credit and debit card-based payment solutions are and will remain to be time-consuming and a ponderous experience for the users.

A significant majority of potential users in many markets don’t own a credit or debit card and are unable to pay for your services.

Studies have shown that DCB scores convert 70% for first transactions, compared with credit cards struggling at 10 – 12%.

Source: Juniper Research, derived from Bango, Digital Content Business Models, OTT Operators Strategies 2017-2020

So why is Direct Carrier Billing the best choice for your dating services?

 Monetise „hidden” users – convert user groups who are wandering outside the card users circle. One thing we know for sure: they all have mobiles!

currently 5x more mobile phones than credit cards

  Seamless service approval – the approval process with Mobile Network Operators for online dating services are fast and easy

 Reduce your chargeback costs – the chargeback ratio is far lower for transactions by Direct Carrier Billing compared to those of credit cards

  Encourage and boost impulse purchases – no need for any kind of account or card registration process

  Grow through subscriptions – solid potential to deliver revenues on a subscription basis

  Increase your conversion with frictionless payment flows –Direct Carrier Billing, the unambiguous winner!


Would you like to know more about the many advantages of Direct Carrier Billing?

„Finding  the right match is a personal, intimate and emotional journey and personal goal.
Support your users in this journey with a frictionless payment method, tailored for their possibly most personal tool and a payment method they will love before finding a person to love, leading you to reaching your conversion goal. A match made in heaven indeed!”

Janko Jankovic
Sales Account Manager

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Janko Jankovic
Sales Account Manager

DIMOCO Carrier Billing


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