Mobile first or mobile only – how can DIMOCO Carrier Billing help lotteries attract younger players

Are you failing to attract millennials to your lottery?
Why are millennials bypassing the lottery?

Digital natives are always on the go, always on their mobile phone and simply do not get in line at the tobacconists or corner shops to buy a ticket. In addition, they are hypersensitive to sharing personal and financial data. Addicted to convenience, the hassle of registering and entering credit card information too much.

The battle though is far from lost.

Mobile mobile all the way – from your web product to payment
Trigger impulse purchases that are facilitated by frictionless but secure mobile payment
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Clearly, to appeal to millennials, lotteries must make it easier to participate online and more importantly on mobile. The lottery business model today is largely out of date and ignoring the way today’s buying public wish to shop.  “Pick six numbers and wait a week” is already boring enough to a millennial, but force that cohort to have to locate and physically walk to a retailer is asking too much. The industry has to recognize that the old, retail-based model is defunct and delivering only reductions in participation masked by price rises.  It must adopt a more “OMNICHANNEL” approach casting its net further by making its products available in a far more modern way to a far wider audience.

The concept of installing specialized terminals in a retail network is technically bankrupt, technology exists to allow the playing public to participate in a lottery wherever they are, in a café, on an airplane, in the street or downtown, shopping for clothes.
With hundreds of retail outlets failing and shutting down every week and the rise of secondary lotteries who ride on the back of lottery brands and their hard-won association with integrity od responsible play, it’s time to think about the generation following the millennials, who are now reaching the age of majority – because these guys were born with smartphones in their hands!

Attracting millenials has been at the top of the lotteries  “favorite conversations” for many years now.  In reality, we have now moved on from millenials with the first of the ‘Generation Z’ reaching the age of majority.


There’s a reason why the Gen.Z are also called ‘digital natives’ they were given smartphones before they were teenagers, their parents pacified them with videos on iPads.  Research by Ipsos on behalf of Google shows clearly  65% of 18-24-year-olds use their mobile devices to watch videos online with only 40% using them for social networking while moving from texting to messaging apps.

In their annual report Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) said millennials aren’t buying lottery tickets like their elders: “Even though about 45% of adult Ontarians play the lottery regularly, only 7% of adults under 35 years of age play the lottery at least once a week”.

Millennials have been conditioned to expect instant but high levels of service.  They will not queue up to buy a lottery ticket, nor will they queue up to validate one to see if it’s a winner. They want to be able to buy a ticket at the push of a button and be told if they are a winner or not. Direct Carrier Billing makes it incredibly easy to pay for online purchases.

Two-factor authentication makes it incredibly secure, over 18? The network operator has all the required customer details on file. 

How does DCB work?

Four parties are involved in the payment process:

 A Merchant as service provider, which is, in this case, a lottery operator.

  A Mobile Network Operator (MNO), who receives the payment information from the Merchant through the technical mobile transaction hub of DIMOCO.

 DIMOCO as payment institution, who functions as an intermediary body between MNO’s and Merchants and processes payment transactions made via a telecommunication, digital or IT device;

 A User who is a consumer requesting to use Direct Carrier Billing for the payment of lottery services provided by the Merchant.

Direct Carrier Billing – more than just a ‘Payment’

DCB enables anyone with a mobile phone to be able to purchase a good or service on the internet.  However, under PSD2 regulations, Direct Carrier Billing can only be used to buy digital goods to a limit of €50 per transaction and €300 per month.  This is entirely compatible with the responsible gaming philosophies of lotteries the world over. Registering new users with DCB is faster and less onerous than with a credit card or banking details. In fact, industry metrics state that players are 10x more likely to purchase following registration with DCB that with a credit card or bank account.  Direct Carrier Billing allows a user to debit anytime from a prepaid card as well as directly charge their mobile phone account. Many more people have a mobile phone than have a credit card!

DCB suits a ‘one-time’ purchase of lottery tickets via a mobile app.

DIMOCO provides a technical mobile transaction hub to make payment via so-called “Direct Carrier Billing” possible.

Age Control

MNO or Third party service used to accurately verify age of player.

Universal Intelligent API

Easy and seamless connections to any service provider in any country.


DIMOCO provides freen and open access to a comprehensive Sofware Development Kit allowing a customer or their service provider the required resources to quickly and easily connect to the DIMOCO technology platform.

BIG Data

DIMOCO provides access to a data warehouse of transactional data as well as a fully customisable dashboard to provide each and every merchant thee data they need to effectively manage their business and maximise their profits.

“Today lottery sales are still predominantly retail,  based mainly in traditional tobacconists, newsagents etc. With millennials soon to make up a majority of the adult generation lotteries must cater to these tech-savvy individualists, who are effectively siamesed to their mobile devices.
A mobile-focused platform, easy to use, safe from hackers, delivering an experience made just for them is absolutely essential.  DIMOCO and I can help a lottery get to this utopia.” 

Beyza Orazova
Head, Sales iGaming

A good idea always starts with a good conversation. 


Beyza Orazova
Head, Sales iGaming

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