Monetize your users with mobile payment, a simple and easy to use “plug and pay” payment solution.   

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Imaging your users could pay with just one click and are invoiced by their ISP. This is easily possible with Onebip’s payment solution.

Do you think Direct Carrier Billing is expensive?

This preconception has cleared up a lot in recent years and today the answer is NO. In fact, we at Onebip provide even better payouts than Google, Apple or Steam.

Advantages of Direct Carrier Billing


Fast and easy payment process.


Achieve > 100% penetration rate of possible customers.


Let your customers pay with the devices are most familiar
and comfortable with: their mobile phone, their tablet or a PC.


Your users stay completely anonymous.
No sensitive data such as credit card or bank details need to be provided.

What do people from a high-value gaming market such as Germany, currently ranked number 1 in EU gaming revenues in 2018, expect from a payment instrument?

Source: Deutsche BundesBank, Payment Behavior in Germany in 2017

  Consider your target group. Most Europeans under 25 years of age don’t own a credit card. Fact.

How would they pay online for your game?
Why going to the store buying a scratch card for online payments when you can do this with your phone or even with your PC?

Credit card vs. mobile phone penetration rate in Europe 

Source: Juniper Research

Why choose Onebip?

Onebip S.r.l., a wholly owned subsidiary of DIMOCO Europe since 2016, was founded in 2005 as the first “pure mobile payment player” via Direct Carrier Billing for digital merchants, providing mobile and in-app solutions.
Today the industry expert is Europe’s leading Direct Carrier Billing aggregator, enabling consumers in the gaming and dating industry to purchase digital content with their mobile devices.

We will help you grow your business with:


Over 10 years of experience
in handling mobile payments for gaming clients.


Highly sophisticated
fraud prevention system.


Customizable payment solution:
customized to fit perfectly into your shop.


Real-time currency conversion support: maintain your prices in one currency.


Truly one integration for all markets and payment methods (DCB/PSMS/ISP).


Easy integration:
the implementation takes less that one day.


Solutions for single purchases
and automatic recurring payments.


Dedicated account management.
We appreciate our customers and ensure you are recognized as such.

  Direct Carrier Billing by Onebip fully meets all criteria and provides a perfect payment option to fulfill the users’ needs, ultimately leading to boost of merchants conversion rates!

We love games – and conversions – as much as you do. If you are are looking for a non-standardized and customized payment solution you have found the right partner for you to bin the game together with.

“What’s worth doing is worth doing for money.” 

Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas)
Wall Street

A good idea always starts with a good conversation. 


Florian Heuberger
Domain Expert, Business Process Engineering
DIMOCO Carrier Billing


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