DIMOCO Carrier Billing enables quick and easy payment option for the ePublishing world

As more and more people seek news updates and download reading material in the online sphere, transforming from a traditional reader into a user, on the one hand, free content shifts to paid content and the traditional book is switched to a download, the ePublishing industry is rapidly adapting in order to stay afloat. Those digital born have set the lead, followed by many others shift into a digital world, transforming from paper to digital format.

Digital publishing revenue worldwide from 2016 to 2022, by format (in million U.S.$)

The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to U.S.$ 8.66.


Source: Statista Digital Marketing Outlook (revenue in million U.S.$)

Whilst the advantages of the online opportunities appear of course apparent, payment is often seen as an obstacle, falsely as we would like to emphasize. Why so you might ask yourself?

The answer is Direct Carrier Billing

  Why would a user not want to use a mobile, or in fact any other device to pay for the content instead of using a traditional payment method?

   Well, frankly spoken, we couldn’t give you a reason as there are staggering and significant advantages for the user – and publisher – alike.

Operator Billing or Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is a remote payment method allowing users to pay for online goods, products, support, services and content with their mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets and Smart TVs). The pure telco payment method allows end users to use the ‘pay by mobile’ payment option and directly charge the amount to their monthly bill.

Direct Carrier Billing: one connection to directly reach your costumers

  A payment instrument literally everybody already owns and has access to

  Fast 1-click payment: an advantage no other payment method offers

  Impulse payments are encouraged

  No sensitive data needs to be shared

  Monetizing younger demographics Reaching the Digital Generation with Direct Carrier Billing

Mobile users dominate ePapers and eMagazines

News today is consumed in a very different manner compared to the past as the mobile is gaining momentum across the globe.

  In UK, for example, 63% of end users read news on their mobile, even if they have a print subscription.

Ranking of France’s most visited news websites – November 2018

Source: ACPM – OJD

Total market reach of newsbrands

Source: Parnco

As paywalls are rising and being a standard for high-level journalism and news, adding the possibility to pay with your mobile, and not only consult the news with it, seems the perfect combination and a future solution.

Alternative payments will support growth for all sub-verticals

According to e recent study released by INMA, reports from a trial of an American newspaper indicated that by adding additional payment terms to their traditional card and bank transfer debit card payment options increase conversions in 15%.

Direct Carrier Billing is in most European countries the third most used payment method for digital content, right behind the credit and debit card or bank transfers.

This means you can add a valuable and relevant additional and alternative payment option. You can even see it working as an additional sales channel.

Advantages to grow your business opportunities:

1Remove friction in the purchase transaction

  Create a faster payment and a more friendly user experience for your registration and payment process.

Combining the registration and the payment process will result in preventing the user abandoning the check out.

So, if the registration process is a requirement, provide an easy mobile payment process, which will speed up the process and increase the likelihood of a finalized purchase.

  Conversions rates by mobile exceed those of credit and debit cards. Due to a shorter checkout flow, merchants using both payment methods report up to 10x better conversion rates with Direct Carrier Billing than with credit cards.

2. Benefit from an internationally recognized payment option poised to growth

Direct Carrier Billing, a familiar and irreplaceable part of today’s mobile payment landscape, already holding a firm foothold in many online industries and meanwhile ranks as the top number three payment option at Facebook.

Industry Segments billed to Direct Carrier Billing (in million U.S.$)

Source: Juniper Research

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Bettina Sommer
Director, Sales

DIMOCO Carrier Billing


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