After our foundation back in 2000, DIMOCO was the first mobile service provider to connect Austrian mobile network operators back in 2001. Ever since, we have completed many more important milestones, such as


 being the first technical and exclusive aggregator for UPC in Hungary since 2014

 achieving the first Direct Carrier Billing connection in Poland in cooperation with our MNO partner Plus


Today, more than ever, we strive to continue to provide FUTURE-PROOF Direct Carrier Billing.

MNOs have several key assets that can help them increase their billing relationship with the customers. By leveraging this relationship through the implementation of DIMOCOs DCB  solution, operators have the opportunity not merely to monetise the hundreds of millions of mobile device owners currently excluded from digital content purchase because they lack a credit or debit card, but of increasing the extent to which other consumers make purchases by the provision of a simple, 1-click billing process.

Choosing DIMOCO as your partner ensures you the backup and confidence you deserve:

We are a developer with deep industry knowledge,  able to act also as a technical provider for MNOs and develop customized solutions,  enabling flexible connections according to your needs.

Our promise stands that you will improve your business processes through our profound knowledge transfer we will supply you will, based on our longstanding MNO background.  We will act as your sparring partner in case of complex technical challenges or changes, our developers provide in-house support for development tasks upon request.

We offer a dedicated policy system to manage country and carrier specific requirements and regulations, such as the implementation of MNO polices (e.g. hosting of payment pages, message transmission).

DIMOCO awarded
Best Aggregator Solution for DCB 2021
Most Exciting Merchant Offering for DCB



DIMOCO won the award “Best Aggregator Solution for DCB” and “Most Exciting Merchant Offering for DCB” at the Global Carrier Billing Summit 2021 – both based on DCB in the on non-digital, hence physical goods sphere. Hello to tangible revenue streams!


DIMOCO awarded
Mobile Payment Solution of the Year 2020

DIMOCO celebrated being crowned Mobile Payments Solution of the Year 2020 at the virtual 2020 SBC Awards with 800 virtual iGaming professionals attending the event.

Clemens Leitner of DIMOCO was awarded
Best Carrier Billing Contributor of the Year 2020

In 2010, DIMOCO, under Clemens’s lead, was the first carrier billing provider to enable DCB for ticketing in Germany. Furthermore, in the year 2011, already 350 million mobile phone subscribers were connected to DIMOCO, 1 billion in the year 2014. In addition, 100 billing gateways of global mobile network operators were connected in 2014. These milestones and Clemens’s achievements have certainly put DCB on the payments map and holding the reign of obtaining the most direct connections in Europe today.
The recent crown of his success is certainly being responsible for DIMOCO’s payment agent model.

With 14 years of international DCB market presence at DIMOCO and a MNO background, Clemens must undoubtedly be counted to the inner DCB expert circle in the European market, key to driving innovation and revenue of mobile network operators.
Clemens Leitner acts as Director, Carrier & Business Development at DIMOCO Carrier Billing.


Our partners were surprised by the simple process, we at DIMOCO do all the legwork. I can safely say this is a plug-and-play solution.
It is up to Mobile Network Operators to decide if they want to stay on the beaten track, which will not lead them to reach a new DCB summit – we are basically their cable car if they do want to reach the top, no extra legwork needed!

Clemens Leitner, Director, Carrier & Business Development

DIMOCO ranked Tier 1
in ROCCO Vendor
Performance Report 2019

143 MNOs from 97 countries across the globe evaluated 27 vendors and ranked DIMOCO Carrier Billing a Tier One Vendor in the Direct Carrier Billing Vendor Performance Report 2018 and 2019, though in 2019, DIMOCO achieved top scores.

“We are especially proud of being the only DCB vendor scoring over 50% in the category “I know them well”, and a brand recognition of 80% worldwide.”

Clemens Leitner, Director, Carrier & Business Development

DIMOCO ranked Tier 1
ROCCO Vendor
Performance Report 2018


Between November 2017 and March 2018 ROCCO (Roaming Consulting Company Ltd) asked 112 MNOs from 91 countries, covering all continents, to evaluated 26 DCB Vendors and rank these on 30+ KPIs in the area of performance, value and leadership.
DIMOCO has been named as one of three Tier Ones and, in addition, second most well-known DCB brand.

“This is an incredibly competitive environment, where DIMOCO have demonstrated a clear leadership in Direct Carrier Billing with high ratings from MNOS on many important KPIs.”

Jason Bryan, Founder and CEO of Rocco

“4.1 out of 5 points is a very respectable achievement which we are very proud of. We are especially proud of being top scorer in the categories Business Focus (Covered Verticals, Innovation and Flexibility), Technical Expertise and Implementation Process, in addition to scoring a golden medal in the category Performance+, which include the probably most important DCB specific aspects such as Security, Uptime Performance and Intelligence Information.“

Clemens Leitner, Director, Carrier & Business Development

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