DIMOCO is a leading mobile payment provider, an achievement that is possible as a result of our drive to constantly intensify our partnerships with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

With just a single technical interface, DIMOCO has the ability to offer merchants an easy way to invoice their digital content or services via the mobile phone bills or a pre-paid voucher of the subscribers of MNOs who purchase, order or use the Merchant Services of the Merchant, DIMOCO provides merchants with access to the Direct Carrier Billing payment method provided by the MNOs. This payment method provided by the DIMOCO is known as Direct Operator Billing or Direct Carrier Billing.

Today we at DIMOCO enable over 1.5 billion subscribers to purchase goods and services from merchants and aggregators with their mobile devices, charged via the operators’ billing system.

Deep dive into Mobile Payment: payments via mobile phone bill
Simple and secure payments through a mobile phone bill or a pre-paid voucher.

By 2022, Direct Carrier Billing will bring in $9 billion annually for mobile operators, according to research released earlier this year from Juniper. That compares to $2.9 billion in 2017.

As a leading provider for direct MNO connections in Europe, DIMOCO has a firm foothold in many industries, ranging from ePublishing to Ticketing & Parking, Gaming, Video & Music to iGaming, Lifestyle Content and Wholesale, providing Direct Carrier Billing for digital and physical goods. These often highly regulated markets, together with our payment service act license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), have equipped DIMOCO with industry knowledge that MNOs can benefit from.


DIMOCO empowers MNOs 

  Grow your customer base

  Unlock new revenue potential

  Fast time to market



Take care of your core business – leave the sales to us.

DIMOCO’s optimally positioned company structure and distinguished local contacts and networks provide our MNO partners with a decisive competitive advantage.

  Growing product portfolio – we develop new business verticals and unlock new revenue opportunities

The purchase of the German mobile ticketing solutions provider TAF mobile in 2011 and Italian DCB aggregator Onebip in 2016, was complemented by the recent acquisition of Smarcom AG, renamed to DIMOCO Vending AG, in addition to successful go-to-market solutions for ePublishing or iGaming clients and vending machine providers.  We develop new business segments and unlock new revenue opportunities simultaneously.

  Acquisition of merchants – we have the contacts you need

The DIMOCO team is constantly on the move and attends numerous conferences and events across the globe, setting new industry trends and identifying cutting-edge business opportunities, growing our customer base and product portfolio. You will benefit from these outstanding relationships, without unnecessary and time-consuming legwork and at no additional costs.

 Our experience for your benefit

Our deep-rooted and longstanding partnerships with many MNOs and numerous direct connections provide us with international expertise you can take advantage of, particularly in regards to new business opportunities, operational feedback and efficient problem solutions.

  The DIMOCO team

DIMOCO’s optimally positioned company structure, distinguished local contacts and networks provide our partners with a decisive competitive advantage. As our MNO partner you can trust our expertise to develop your market. An assigned personal Carrier Relationship Manager from our international team, with many local languages at their command, act as your liable contact person, backed by our finance and legal departments.


“Our long-term collaboration with DIMOCO proved it as trustworthy partner with a great business understanding.”

Benedikt Fontana, Swisscom AG, Switzerland

Thanks to DIMOCO we are unlocking the power of Direct Carrier Billing providing customers with a simple and painless payment experience that’s accessible for everyone.”

Łukasz Perzyński, Play, Poland

“We have worked with DIMOCO since 2010. We are very happy with their services, expert knowledge and responsiveness and we want to continue our successful partnership.”

Matija Jecl, Telemach, Slovenia

“I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with DIMOCO for several years, the company and people are great. On top of that they create results!”

Frode André Alvad, Strex AS, Norway

“DIMOCO understands the industry and is doing an excellent job. They are dynamic, innovate and a trusted partner of ours. I like working with them.”

Piotr Wierzbicki, T-MOBILE POLSKA, Poland

“It has always been a pleasure to work with DIMOCO. During the years they have proven that the company has a really professional mindset and the kindest employees.”

Bálint Katona, Vodafone, Hungary


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