DIMOCO Carrier Billing will help you tackle your challenges:

We don’t suggest replacing current payment methods with Direct Carrier Billing but compliment traditional payment methods, such as credit and debit cards with evolving your offering.

Looking at the digital content market as a whole, we can see that credit and debit card billing in 2017 continued to account for the vast bulk of the total (80%), a proportion which will diminish gradually over the forecast period, primarily due to the greater availability and uptake of Direct Carrier Billing solutions.


Digital content annual spend (%) split by billing mechanism 2017-2022 

Source: Juniper Research

Why so?

Direct Carrier Billing enables you to reach an untapped client base.

Now that you have seen the tip of the iceberg, shall we gear up with a snorkel and dive deeper to see all the hidden gems of DIMOCO Carrier Billing?

1. How will Direct Carrier Billing advance my business?

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1. How will Direct Carrier Billing advance my business?


Not yet familiar yet with Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)?

Click here for more detailed information on our solution, a potential payment method that literally everybody holds in hand. If you have already familiarized yourself with Direct Carrier Billing, then scroll down to find out how DIMOCO will totally transform your iGaming business.

By helping you tap into a new category of players

Dimoco will give you the possibility of addressing players that you never could reach before, such as:

  Players that don’t have a bank account, debit or credit card.

  Players that aren’t willing to share sensitive information such as bank details.

  Players that don’t want to go through a registration process of e-wallets.

  Players that don’t have access to pre-paid cards, vouchers or coupons.

By increasing your revenue by 10-15%


Our Dimoco Carrier Billing solution will bring additional revenue to your operation without cannibalizing other payment methods, but will instead inspire impulse purchases.

Tested and proven by DIMOCO customers!

By providing excellent fraud monitoring solution

Transaction monitoring tools and fraud solution provided by DIMOCO will help you stay on top of the whole payment process as well as add an extra layer of security.

  Studies have shown that DCB scores convert 70% for first transactions, compared with credit cards struggling at 10 – 12%.

Why choose DIMOCO?

If our awesome website and a clever illustration of a slot machine above weren’t convincing enough, let’s get to the real deal.

Regulated payment institute 

We hold a payment service license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), passported to all EU member states, enabling us to withstand new changes in the gambling regulatory field and gambling legislation.

Dedicated team

A dedicated team of specialists in the gambling and financial sectors are ready to create and execute an agile strategy specifically designed to fit your business.

Country coverage

We are loud and proud to be pioneers of enabling Direct Carrier Billing for iGaming in countries such as: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom & more to follow in 2019.

And this is us being modest. If you want to know all the ways in which DIMOCO is making the industry tremble, keep scrolling to find out how to get in touch.

“It’s not only fun and games with us.
Our pledge of delivering far greater conversion rates and capturing a far wider audience to the iGaming is no gamble.”   

Beyza Orazova
Head, Sales iGaming

A good idea always starts with a good conversation. 


Beyza Orazova
Head, Sales iGaming

DIMOCO Carrier Billing

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