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DIMOCO Carrier Billing has pioneered the online content vertical for more than a decade now. Collaborating with us will guarantee maximum revenue, whether you provide webcams, adult tubes, adult games or VRxxx.

One of the largest adult content provider’s statistics (PornHub) is the proof that the adult content industry is still on the rise in the past years, the trend affirmed by  Statista, stating that over 20% of all search queries in the US are adult related and 87% of US men and 28.5% of US women access adult content at least weekly.

Source: A Billion Wicked Thoughts study, Columbia University, Cosmopolitan Study


  According to a large scale study of wireless search behavior conducted by Columbia University, the most popular type of query that users performed on the XHTML interface were adult queries.

  Pornhub’s servers served up 30.3 billion searches, or 962 searches per second.

  Over 92 million daily visits to Pornhub (=the population of Canada, Poland and Australia) and over 36 billion visits per year.


Direct Carrier Billing (DCB): the perfect match for your industry

Our research reveals that the European digital adult industry will increase its revenues from €1.7bn in 2015 up to €1.8bn in 2019. Purchases with a value of €306.8m will be paid via Direct Carrier Billing in 2019.

With an increasing number of smartphones, tablets, and smart-TVs, the digital adult content industry is looking for a payment option available on multiple screens. To provide a seamless payment experience, DIMOCO Carrier Billing is adjusted for all digital channels and can be used for one-off, as well as for subscription services.

The amount is charged fast and secure to the customer’s mobile phone bill, either to the monthly phone bill or as a debit from prepaid credit. Direct Carrier Billing does not require registration, which makes it an attractive payment option for digital adult content, especially from an anonymity perspective.

Looking at the digital content market as a whole, we can see that credit and debit card billing in 2017 continued to account for the vast bulk of the total (80%), a proportion which will diminish gradually over the forecast period, primarily due to the greater availability and uptake of Direct Carrier Billing solutions.

Digital content annual spend (%) split by billing mechanism 2017-2022 

Source: Juniper Research

More detailed information on how does DCB works

Why DIMOCO Carrier Billing?

We are aware that there are competitors up there, therefore let us inform you why DIMOCO is the best choice when it comes to DCB:


Founded in 2000, DIMOCO has grown to be a recognized leading international DCB vendor with a firm foothold in many industries. These highly regulated markets, together with our payment service act license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), have equipped DIMOCO with particular expertise in ID and age verification, so important for the adult industry.

Seal of approval

DIMOCO holds a unique position in the industry as one of the first companies to become a regulated payment institute.
As regulated payment institute for Direct Carrier Billing DIMOCO holds a payment service license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) since 2016, passported to all 28 EU member states and transferred into a PSD2 license in 2018.

MNO footprint

We reach 37 countries, including 90% of Europe.
As the leading provider for direct MNO connections in Europe, with additional connections in Asia, Central America and South America. In 2018 DIMOCO has been named Tier One and, in addition, second most well-known DCB brand in the ROCCO Vendor Performance Report 2019.

Direct Carrier Billing is your FUTURE-PROOF payment method

“We don’t believe that Direct Carrier Billing will be the payment method of the future in our industry. We know so. If your content is king, DCB is your reigning queen. ”   

Bernd Pichler,
DIMOCO Carrier Billing 

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Bernd Pichler
Sales Executive Lifestyle Content
DIMOCO Carrier Billing


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