The Excellence of DIMOCO Carrier Billing (DCB)

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    1.5 billion Consumers Connected

    Payment is enabled in 37 countries,
    on smartphones, feature phones, desktop devices, tablets and Smart TVs

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    One-click Payment

    Simple, fast and easy –
    no obstacles,
    no barriers

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    Boost Conversion

    Consumers are not forced to sign, share personal data or fill out forms, payment on any device within seconds

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    Consumer Protection

    No personal data entry required at any stage of the purchase transaction, no payment fraud possible

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    Secure & Fraudless

    Safely embedded in a regulated payment institute and a modern API architecture,
    both expanded by fraud monitoring

Why does DCB work in mass markets?

Merchants who benefit from DIMOCO Carrier Billing

DCB Expenses for Merchants

    • No API setup or running operative costs.
    • You are only charged a diagio per transaction.

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