5 Nov 2019

With Black Friday right around the corner retailers are preparing for one of the busiest sales events of the year.

Black Friday is now only a few weeks away and preparations for this shopping event are in full swing. For retailers, Black Friday is a lucrative opportunity which cannot be ignored. It became a mainstay of the marketing calendar for EU sellers around the mid- 2010’s and has since grown exponentially.

It’s a fact that consumers shop a lot more on Black Friday and it was reported that in 2017, Black Friday turnover was 261% higher when compared with an average day of sales.

With that in mind, here are a few tips which you can use SMS marketing in order to ensure Black Friday is a successful sales event:

Prime your audience

Even before black Friday begins, it can be useful to start letting your customers know that you will be participating in the event and will be having Black Friday specific promotions on the day. A proactive SMS telling your customers that there will be specific sales on will help get them ready for the day.

Time your campaign

Send your SMS campaigns when you are most likely to elicit a reaction from your customers. On Black Friday, everyone is clamoring to beat the crowd and get a great deal for themselves. According to clearhouse.com, most people tend to shop between 7 – 8am on Black Friday.

Experiment with different campaign types

Black Friday SMS do not necessarily have to be large bulk SMS campaigns. Although these do serve a purpose and are relevant on the day, other types of automated SMS campaigns can also prove to be very effective. For example, an SMS could be sent in order to communicate the start of a black Friday sale, while follow up SMS could state that a sale is still ongoing or about to end.  After sales surveys and customer satisfaction polls are other ways which you can leverage SMS throughout Black Friday.

Communicate urgency

SMS is a proven way to reach consumers almost immediately. With that in mind, it is important to make customers want to purchase as soon as possible. By including a deadline on your SMS campaign this will produce a faster reaction from the customer as they will likely not want to miss out on a great deal.

Keep it simple

You have 160 Characters to convert the user into a customer. Use the space wisely and only communicate relevant information!

Combine other channels

Cross promote your marketing campaigns over all communication channels. Every marketing channel has its own advantages and disadvantages; however, it is the job of the retailer to use the most relevant one in order to guide the user to purchase. If for example an email campaign did not get opened within a defined timeframe, then a follow up SMS could likely covert the user.

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