13 Nov 2017

Marketing SMS will make your Black Friday shine

The American shopping event known as Black Friday has taken the rest of the world by storm. Today, online and offline retailers across every European country, as well as many countries in MENA and Asia have taken of this unique opportunity. With the overwhelming amount of offers and discounts, Marketing SMS will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

And make no mistake the competition is fierce! Not only in the high street! Online retailers are now scrambling to profit from this shopping frenzy!

Many online retailers in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany such as Zalando and Saturn first participated in Black Friday back in 2013, the overwhelming numbers of visitors to their online stores even caused their servers to temporarily overload.

The main motivating factors for consumers to shop until you drop on Black Friday is, of course, the price, followed by early Christmas shopping and interestingly enough– impulse. According to a survey conducted by Statista for the UK market, 8 percent of British shoppers over 18 years stated that they were planning to take a dedicated day off work in order to shop on Black Friday.

The top ten items consumers shopped for on Black Friday in the UK in 2016 were:

  • 64% gifts for others
  • 40% DVDs, computer games & books
  • 37% clothing, footwear or accessories
  • 29% personal gadgets
  • 28% cosmetics or perfume
  • 22% toys
  • 22 % homewares
  • 13% alcoholic drinks
  • 8% food


Make the most of Black Friday by following ticking of these rules: 

  • Customize your texts for your different target groups
  • Clearly state your special and exclusive discount for the special occasion
  • Target impulse shoppers
  • Highlight Christmas specials
  • Say more and drive engagement by sending a link
  • Don’t stop on Friday, the occasion last for four days
  • Don’t forget about Cyber Monday


Contact the DIMOCO Messaging team to get started – we will make sure your Black Friday offers will not be blackened out!

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