21 May 2015

Serbia – one market, many opportunities!

One of the markets which definitely draw the attention of many digital content providers, whether it’s gaming, entertainment, file sharing, social networking or online gambling, is the Serbian market. Even though it’s not one of Europe’s wealthiest countries, Serbia is certainly one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, particularly over the past few years.

One of the best prospects for general growth and development is in the telecommunications field. This of course includes carrier billing, where markets such as Serbia are becoming one of the most interesting for investments and monetisation in all popular segments of digital or virtual goods.

There are several benefits and key aspects why you should spread your coverage and go live with DIMOCO in Serbia:

• Simplified flows, high conversion
• Many evaluation and A/B testing’s at available technology
• High flexibility for tariffs/pricing
• Rise of consumer power and smart phones, as well.

Also, Serbia has been announced as one of the world’s most booming carrier billing markets – joining the ranks of Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey – especially in the gaming and entertainment segments. The most obvious explanation is the high penetration of mobile phones. In this market, penetration of mobile phones is about 126%, almost double that of credit cards. This fact is mainly thanks to the younger population, who as digital natives often spend money on digital services. Also, most of them often have two mobile phones. One the other hand, this group does not like to use credit cards or doesn’t even own any yet. A very important fact about mobile carriers in Serbia is that they quite often offer special payouts to merchants, thereby increasing the carriers’ revenue, too. The same applies to technologies and flows.

Since DIMOCO, has recognised the huge potential of this thrilling market and established direct connections several years ago, we are sure that we can provide the best possible service. Right now Serbia is well on the way to becoming another market success story, like the Czech Republic or Hungary. No matter whether you see Serbia as one of the international emerging markets or part of the regular European IT community, this country is in constant growth,  offering new improvements and successful projects, enabling service providers to be recognisable in this thriving market with a relatively low investment.

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