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18 Sep 2014

Mobile ticketing takes off-part 2

After a couple of weeks of testing, the clever mobile user is ready to face new challenges. This time the “tastiest morsel” of the information apps is to be tried and tested: mobile ticketing’s supreme discipline, namely purchasing tickets for mass transport.   The day draws near, the problem is obvious: without a valid ticket, bus and rail are off limits. Thanks to information and ticket recommendation, the right fare is quickly found. That leaves just one hurdle to cross in most regions. Registration is required. Logical – the internet is still young, it’s impossible for everyone to have their own data.

Name and address are easy, bank details thanks to SEPA a bit trickier. Ticket inspectors still want to be shown ID; credit card or similar; these are also easily entered. Create a password and presto! All done. After that everything happens very fast. Select ticket, confirm the purchase using your password , and moments later a genuine electronic ticket complete with bar code and validity information lands on your device.

The procedure is a trifle more elegant in regions offering registration-free ticketing. Here the customer simply selects the ticket on the app, and the system automatically identifies the carrier and customer’s number via mobile operator billing, and bills the amount to the cell phone invoice. In place of an ID card, the device information and MSISDN act as the control medium.

This is already possible with the easy.GO app, which is available in the German transportation network MDV and the Rhein Sieg (VRS) linked transport system. The registration-free option provided by easy.GO is extremely popular with mass transportation customers. Of course – not everyone is prepared to disclose sensitive personal data just to purchase a bus ticket! The transportation company is rewarded with an explosion in the numbers of passengers. Over 80% of regular customers use the service for approx. 3.5 million route enquiries. Annual organic growth in ticket sales is between 30-50% and surges when supported by marketing campaigns. Extremely satisfying from the business point of view, too, as the increase is sustained.


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