5 May 2017

Market Special: DIMOCO launches Direct Carrier Billing services in Egypt

As-salam alaykom to Direct Carrier Billing!

Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab World and the third most populous on the African continent, soon reaching the 90 million mark.

Although growing, the credit card penetration still stands in the low 20 percent range but and on the contrary, the mobile phone penetration shows off a respectable 108.64%.

DIMOCO, a leading licensed payment institute for direct carrier billing, announces connectivity to Orange Egypt (34.8 percent market share), Vodaphone Egypt (41.29 percent) and Etisalat (23.91 percent) providing full coverage to the Egyptian mobile networks and access to a base of 96 million subscribers.

Simple flow despite strict regulations

The market, of course, comes with its regulations and limitations, no content with political sponsorship or political and religious views are allowed, and connect to betting or gambling and adult services is strictly forbidden for example. However, a huge opportunity lies in the massive market for other digital entertainment industries, the most popular services being VoD and online gaming.

Interesting facts for merchants:

  • 96% of mobile services are prepaid, which doesn’t provide a problem for direct carrier billing
  • Flexible tariffs are available
  • Prompt approval services with the mobile network operators
  • Knowledge-based competitions possible
  • Arabic is the official langue, though English and French are widely understood. English content is (in almost all cases) sufficient

Payment should be as easy as picking up a smartphone. This is what direct carrier billing promises – a quick, easy and customer-friendly payment method that literally every customer has in his your pocket– 24/7. No credit or debit card needed.

Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries or any further questions.

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