23 May 2017

Market Special: DIMOCO will whisk your online services away to Thailand

We now offer connectivity to this high potential and sometimes overlooked market

The emerging economy of the Kingdom of Thailand ranks as the second largest economy in Southeast Asia. Its growing middle class and its rising mobile phone penetration, already at 133.74 percent, bear great chances for direct carrier billing, especially as the credit card penetration still lingers at under 10 percent.

With over 90 million SIM cards in the market and credible estimates stating that Thais spend on average 5.7 hours per day on smartphones, it may come to no surprise that the country ranked number 30 in the worldwide video gaming market in 2016.

DIMOCO’s connectivity to the major mobile network operators AIS, DTAC and TrueMove deliver an array of opportunities, especially for merchants new to the region, as Thailand is often a typical lead market for other Asian countries.

Your doorstep to Asia’s digital content

Online Gaming is the most popular online service in Thailand.

According to the market research firm Newzoo, Thailand’s mobile games revenue is growing a whopping 50 percent a year, reaching an estimated USD $485 million industry in 2018.

Video Games hold the largest market share by far in the Digital Media sector, followed by ePublishing, VoD, and Digital Music.

The average revenue per user (ARPU) predictions by 2021 for digital media affirms the current status quo; the “Video-on-Demand” segment amounted to US$ 11 in 2016 and is set to more than triple. Whilst the mentioned segments will continue to grow, the market share will hardly change.

Interesting facts for merchants:

  • Thailand offers one of the best flows in Asia
  • Click and Click2SMS are possible
  • Daily subscriptions services can be offered
  • Chat services, as well as skilled-based and games of luck competitions, are allowed
  • 95% of mobile services are prepaid, which doesn’t provide a problem for direct carrier billing
  • All content must be in Thai language only, grammar errors may result in penalties

Other countries and other customs doesn’t mean insuperable obstacles

The constitutional monarchy’s prevalent religion is Theravada Buddhism, which is an integral part of Thai identity and culture. It is strictly forbidden to mention either Buddha, regardless in which context, nor the King. Infringements are a grave offense, strictly forbidden and can result in consequences. Respect, however, goes all ways; any disrespectfulness of any country is not only frowned on but also tabooed.

Payment should be as easy as picking up a smartphone. This is what direct carrier billing promises – a quick, easy and customer-friendly payment method that literally every customer has in his pocket– 24/7. No credit or debit card needed.

Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries or any further questions.

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