8 Jan 2019

DIMOCO Messaging now offers Viber business messages

Viber enriches customer experience and increases brand awareness

The number of Viber users has greatly evolved in the past years. According to Statista, Viber currently has over 1 billion registered users, resulting in a tremendous global and wide reach. This respectable figure underlines the popularity of OTT messaging channels which have an immense impact on customers mobile experience as both customer behavior and expectation have not only changed but grown.

Viber, one of the leading OTT channels, is extremely popular,  especially in the regions Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Viber states that over 50 percent of its users are Millennials, 26 percent are between 18-24 years, and 49 percent between 25-35 years of age, whilst 46 percent are female and 54 percent male.

When enterprises want to communicate with their customers nowadays, it’s more important than ever to use the channels they trust, prefer and they are already accustomed to, in order to take full advantage of connecting in a more engaging manner.

Reaching customers in a go-to communication channel is a gapless transition for businesses, Therefore, we at DIMOCO Messaging strongly advise to adapt to customer familiar and preferred communication channels, often though exposed to rapidly changing trends, as otherwise, enterprises are likely to lose their client base if they try to overrule their habits.

With this in mind, DIMOCO Messaging is extending its product line by offering Viber as an additional messaging channel.


Benefits of Viber Business Messages:

  Cost efficient: pay only for delivered messages

  Rich message content: stand out from traditional SMS by combining text, images & buttons

  Message status: status callbacks share information on the customer’s interaction with your message

  Simple & short integration: a simple integration allows you to reach customers anywhere across the globe

  Customize Time to leave: by adding timestamps to Business Messages, you can save money on undelivered messages


Key Features

Viber differentiates between promotional and transactional messages in regards to content.

  Promotional messages are defined as messages containing rich media- images, buttons, marketing, etc.

  Transactional messages are defined as text-only messages.

Another benefit that Viber offers is the highest security and privacy standard, as all messages are encrypted, therefore no content is stored. Moreover, Viber enables users the possibility to opt-out any time. The user will only receive Viber messages if they have opted-in and given their consent to receive notifications and information of the respective company.


As a local hero, on a global scale, we at DIMOCO Messaging are continuously identifying latest market trends and are therefore growing our product portfolio. Through Viber we are able to offer a richer customer experience.


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