24 Jul 2018

DIMOCO Messaging joins MEF’s Code of Conduct to tackle SMS Fraud

As a committed supporter and member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum Messaging Program industry collaboration to tackle SMS fraud, we join 30+ industry leaders, including the large telecoms to enhance the trust in enterprise messages.

Application to person (A2P) messaging is a tremendously important tool for enterprise businesses, as it fosters a higher engagement with their customers. However, A2P SMS providers are facing inadvertently problems with fraud, which is extensively harming the trust of consumers. Over time, as messaging channels evolved, fraudsters are targeting various communication channels such as E-Mail and SMS. The most common type of frauds are SPAM, Spoofing and Smishing.

But what do those definitions actually mean?
SPAM are usually unsolicited commercial messages sent to a mobile subscriber, and Spoofing is the act where fraudsters are using a renowned brand name to trick consumers. The term Smishing determines fraudsters trying to gain access to credit cards and accounts. Fraud leads to confusion of customers, harms the conversion rate and in the end triggers to a high churn rate of subscribers.

“At DIMOCO Messaging, we are determined to tackle SMS fraud, and by being a member of Mobile Ecosystem Forum Messaging Program, that has established an A2P SMS Code of Conduct, we want to underline and engage trust in enterprise messaging. It is of utmost importance for us as DIMOCO Messaging to offer high premium quality of A2P SMS with our direct carrier connections,” says Managing Director Mathias Höllerl.

With the launch of the Trust in Enterprise Messaging programme, the overall aim is to establish a global code to protect consumers of fraudulent practices, enforcing unified procedures, mannerism and actions for all A2P industry leaders. The Mobile Ecosystem Forum will advocate and foster an education program as well as active local projects to uphold the principles of the code.

DIMOCO Messaging provides multifunctional reliable messaging solutions for global aggregators, MNOs and enterprise clients, whilst managing high volumes of time critical SMS traffic using own direct carrier connections.

As a local hero with global scale, we believe in direct relationships with partners, while offering a carrier-grade platform for worldwide message delivery. Therefore, we do not collaborate with enterprises or networks that are not in line with the code of conduct.

Our advice:

  • Networks should definitely engage the principles of the code by diminishing grey routes
  • Enterprises should under no circumstances send SPAM messages.


Mobile Ecosystem Forum

Future of Messaging Program

Established in 2015, MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme is a worldwide, cross-ecosystem approach to promote a competitive, fair and innovative market for mobile communication between businesses and consumers. Programme participants represent different regions and stakeholder groups working collaboratively to:

  • Produce and publish best practice frameworks, papers, and tools to accelerate market clean-up and limit revenue leakage
  • Educate buyers of enterprise messaging solutions Promote enterprise mobile messaging as a premium and trusted channel
  • Drive knowledge across the ecosystem of new platforms, technologies, and procedures to address the evolving messaging landscape
  • Develop the value-chain to support new use cases and business


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