15 Apr 2019

DIMOCO Messaging – Driving interactions between businesses & people for almost 20 years

Anton Chmelar, Vice President of Sales, shares some of the reason why our partners and customers value working with DIMOCO Messaging.

DIMOCO was founded in Vienna, Austria back in 2000 as a small family-run business. We first made our name in the direct carrier billing industry and since then, have leveraged our close relationships with mobile network operators to branch off into different businesses. Today, the DIMOCO group consists of four independent companies, consisting of direct carrier billing, mobile messaging, payment services and an in-house research center.

Many milestones have marked this growth and the transformation from a local Austrian enterprise into an internationally recognized group of companies, is at its core, down to the passion, knowledge, and motivation that our employees possess. Today, the DIMOCO Group employs over 170 people from 20+ different countries around the globe with offices in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Greece.

At DIMOCO Messaging, we provide reliable & robust communication solutions to our clients. We understand that our success and the success of our partners centers on trust. Providing dependable solutions that are tailored to each of our client’s specific needs enables us to grow together.

With that said, here are a few reasons why our partners and customers value working with DIMOCO Messaging:

  Made in Austria

We are located and headquartered in the heart of Austria, Vienna. Austria is known for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and high standards of living, but it is also a leading country for innovation. Furthermore, over 300 multinational companies use Austria as a base for their European headquarters.

  Business Maturity

DIMOCO started out in the premium SMS business and since then, we have advanced and developed our product range.  DIMOCO was one of the first movers in the A2P messaging space in Europe. Our technology and architecture enabled us to help major European banks with the rollout of Mobile TAN codes. We operate by the strictest security and privacy standards as well as stringent adherence to country-specific rules for SMS sending. Moreover, we are a fully compliant GDPR company.

  MNO’s are in our blood

Since our foundation, DIMOCO represents absolute and unrestricted MNO competence and expertise. With more than 210 MNO connection worldwide, we have the ability to send messages to anyone, in any destination, at any time. Couple this with fact that we have a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) license and operate the same technology as an operator, you can be sure we have the platform and connections to deliver your messages no matter what.

  All traffic types welcome

DIMOCO processes the most sought-after and sensitive SMS traffic. We have a deep understanding of all types of transactional and promotional traffic and handle it accordingly via our scalable messaging hub. Whether it is time sensitive notifications or bulk marketing SMS, we have the knowledge and experience to manage these in the correct way.

  Trusted partner

We understand that trust is something that can only be earned; therefore, we are proud to be working with the same clients for close to 20 years. Success in this industry has its foundations in cooperation and reliability and we see ourselves as a “last mile” gateway in the value chain, assisting our clients in reaching their end users wherever they may be.

  Industry approval

DIMOCO Messaging is an Associated Member of the GSMA, as well as a founding member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum and its code of conduct to tackle SMS fraud. We are appreciative for being recognized as a global Tier 2 Messaging Provider in the 2018 ROCCO A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report.

“I have been with DIMOCO since its beginnings back in the early 00‘s. In this time I have had the opportunity to hold various roles & positions and have witnessed first hand, the major growth of the company across all business units. As VP of sales at DIMOCO Messaging, I leverage my experience and understanding of both the buying & selling sides of the SMS market to drive revenue growth while simultaneously providing exemplary customer satisfaction.”

Anton Chmelar,
Vice President Sales, DIMOCO Messaging

About DIMOCO Messaging

At DIMOCO Messaging, we provide multifunctional reliable messaging solutions for global aggregators, mobile operators, and enterprise clients. As a local hero with global scale, we believe in direct relationships with customers and partners while offering a carrier-grade platform for worldwide message delivery.
If you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you.
You can contact us at sales.messaging@dimoco.eu.

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