6 Dec 2016

DIMOCO Corporate news: TAF partners up with the University of Graz

The Technical University in Graz, the Institute for Navigation and further project partners such as TAF mobile GmbH have started a research project on the topic of “Mobility in the future: design personal mobility innovatively, develop the transport infrastructure together”.

The aim of the project is to significantly reduce the mobility limitations for persons with visual impairments by using autonomous positioning and navigation. Nowadays, there is not a system which combines data from public transport with reliable personal navigation in a suitable and useful manner to benefit blind persons. Following on from INK 2016, the aim is to create an application of this kind for the mobile mass market from modules, some of which were developed in previous projects (e.g. ways4all). It is intended that this application will operate largely independently of the structural conditions and the existing infrastructure, aimed at being suitable for international use.

The project consortium will work on the solution from October 2016 to March 2018. TAF mobile, the Jena-based IT service provider and DIMOCO, will contribute its well-established expertise in the field of barrier-free mobile solutions with maximum reach, optimized for nearly all mobile phones on the German market. Components such as mPayment, ticketing, departure times in real time, barrier-free user interfaces and flexible charging models are integrated in all applications.

“The aim is to make it possible for blind persons to use local public transport independently and safely and orientate themselves in complex transport interchange points using an interface designed for visually impaired persons. As a partner in the INK 2016 project, we are supporting the EU Directives 2022 for full barrier-free mobility in European urban transport,” says Jörg Wagner, Managing Director of TAF mobile GmbH.

According to the EU directives, it is intended that by 2022 operators of local public transport systems will offer full barrier-free mobility. The European Commission has passed a “European Disability Strategy 2010–2020: A Renewed Commitment to a Barrier-free Europe”. The strategy highlights what the EU and its member states need to do so that disabled persons can exercise their rights without any limitations. More specifically, full barrier-free mobility in European urban transport is to be provided by 2022.

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