31 Jul 2018

DIMOCO MOBILE AVS – accessing the full potential of the untapped German online media market

Our age verification system ensures that buyers of German age-relevant digital content and games are of age. Online, fast and without any media interruption.

The German Commission on child and young person’s media protection “Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz (KJM)” has given a positive assessment of the  DIMOCO MOBILE AVS system by DIMOCO Carrier Billing as a solution for an age-verification (AVS concept) supporting closed user groups in tele-media. The system represents a complete concept for an AVS.

According to the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV), content assumed as harmful to minors may only be distributed if the merchant uses closed user groups, ensuring only adults over eighteen are able to access the content.
Satisfying these German legal requirements are obstacles merchants often find difficult to tackle.

In cooperation with our partner CheckTech Service GmbH, we are now able to offer a solution for digital content that requires age verification.
CheckTech Service has extensive experience in AVS as a longstanding partner of the internet service provider Freenet and Mobilcom-Debitel and by employing the services of our partner, positively rated by the German Commission on child and young person’s media protection of the State Media Authority in Germany, we are able to integrate these into our mobile payment product Direct Carrier Billing.

The concept is based on an online multi-level identification process.
The user’s identity is confirmed by a combination of entering his data into the content provider’s website and the online verification of such.

DIMOCO offers a dedicated solution for a user-friendly and frictionless age verification of mobile end users in Germany.

DIMOCO’s Age Verification Module is KJM certified and BaFin proved.
The module identifies each user, including his/her age, in less than two minutes.
All call center agents have been trained and qualified by the German Federal Police (Bundespolizei).

DIMOCO’s AV module has been integrated in existing payment APIs and can be used as stand-alone (Age Verification only) or combined solution (Age Verification + Payment).

Simple to use and frictionless which means the user does not experience any media discontinuity during order and first-time usage registration process.

How does an online merchant verify the age of a user?

Verification 3 steps

Whenever a user wishes to purchase online 18+ content, the user’s identity is verified in two steps. The users document is intended to visualize the required steps for a confirmed age verification check for the German 18+ market.

We differentiate between two different use-cases:


I.   Identification of a completely new user

II.  Identification of a returning user



The identity of the user is verified in a video conference with trained staff from CheckTech Service GmbH, and the identification papers and data match are assessed. The user is not permitted to access the desired service until all steps have been successfully completed and no contradictions have been encountered. This is a legal requirement by the KJM since April 2015.

Initially, the user is prompted to verify his date of birth and his mobile telephone number by means of an SMS-TAN process. The actual identification process is managed by CheckTech Service GmbH by a video session, at no extra charge, to identify the user and verify the age.

If a user is already registered and identified, an authentication for repeated usage is permitted.
If the number and date of birth match, then they can complete the payment process.

The user only has to engage in a video call once if he is a new and not recurring user, during which he provides his ID, linking to the user’s phone number.
After successful identification, the user is returned to the actual website to purchase the service.

The KJM deemed the DIMOCO MOBILE AVS concept fit,  if applied appropriately, as a complete AVS concept in the context of KJM criteria for the safeguarding of closed user groups.

For enquiries and solutions please contact the DIMOCO team at sales@dimoco.eu

Kindly note that the content provider is responsible for the implementation of additional security measures (such as Backdoor Protection, Time-Out after a specified Idle Time, time limits on sessions). Please be aware that any manipulation of the AVS check within the German market will be subject to criminal charges and prosecuted by the German government.


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