22 Oct 2015

Carrier billing unlocks countless upselling possibilities during the lifecycle of love

Smartphones, smart TVs, tablet PCs — we live in a truly digital world. Both dating and making payments, for instance, have been digital for quite some time now. In fact, online dating is more successful than ever before, a shining example of how the digital era continues to influence every heartbeat in the love lifecycle. The online dating industry has turned satisfying people’s romantic needs into a lucrative business, with services for everything from searching for the right partner to breaking up with the wrong one.

The secret of their success is all in the timing – providing their services at the exact moment customers need them. This leaves no room for complicated registration and payment procedures which can ruin even the most perfect moment. Carrier billing not only offers easy access to customers but also enables online businesses to reach their entire target group.

While other digital payment methods are drastically lower in reach, or somehow tricky to use (entering long PIN codes or remembering passwords), carrier billing allows users to purchase content quickly and easily via their mobile phone bill. The positive impact on your business: an increasing conversion rate of your online dating services with every heartbeat of customers’ digital lifecycle of love…

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