14 Mar 2017

Operator update: A2P messaging requirements Bulgaria

Mobile operators in Bulgaria have strict regulations when sending enterprise messaging traffic to subscribers. DIMOCO Messaging has direct operator connections in Bulgaria and due to our specific local expertise, we can support enterprises on sending A2P messages to Bulgaria. To ensure your message reaches your customers please regard the following information:   Mobile operators in Bulgaria rigorously require identification information in the body of the A2P SMS message.

  1. When a client uses a shared short code number, every message must contain the name of the sender in the body of the message, so the subscriber can understand who sends him this message and why.
  2. Every message has to contain the contact phone number, on which the subscriber will be able to receive full information about the service.

The standard sender ID for the traffic to Bulgaria is a shared short code number.   As a second option an alphanumeric sender ID can be used only when it is pre-registered. For the procedure how to register an alphanumeric sender ID in Bulgaria, please contact your DIMOCO Account Manager.

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